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IMA calls Ramdev anti-national who does not deserve mercy, attempts to whitewash president Jayalal’s Christian missionary comments

The letter from the Indian Medical Association (IMA) called Baba Ramdev a "traitor" and an "anti-national".

After trying to bully Baba Ramdev, IMA says they will withdraw complaint and defamation suit if he retracts his remarks entirely

The row between IMA and Baba Ramdev erupted after the Yoga Guru questioned the efficacy of allopathic medicines

IMA still fuming over Baba Ramdev’s remarks, writes to Uttarakhand CM seeking strict action

The Uttaranchal state branch of IMA has written a letter to Uttarakhand CM against Baba Ramdev's remarks as the state is home to Ramdev's Patanjali Ayurveda.

IMA, whose chief wanted to use hospitals to convert Hindus to Christianity, targets Baba Ramdev

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has come out strongly against Baba Ramdev over comments against Allopathy.

Patanjali emerges as highest bidder for debt ridden Ruchi Soya Industries

The auction is part of the government's efforts to clear bad loans choking the Indian banking system.

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