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Ranchi police

Jharkhand: Stone pelting during Saraswati idol immersion procession in Ranchi; section 144 imposed in Nagri after violence

Ranchi police imposed section 144 of the CrPC. More than half a dozen people from both communities were injured in this incident.

Ranchi: Door opens, but lift doesn’t arrive, man falls down 4 floors and dies

A man was found dead in Ranchi after he stepped into thin air through the door of an elevator duct and fell four levels into the basement as the platform hadn't arrived.

Islamist violence over Nupur Sharma’s remark: Ranchi Police initiate action against rioters, seek warrants against 39

The Ranchi Police have initiated actions against Islamists who ran amok on the streets of Ranchi in Jharkhand on June 10 2022, in protest against Nupur Sharma’s remark

Ranchi: Jharkhand police arrest all four cattle smugglers who killed on-duty sub-inspector Sandhya Topno

One of the accused in Sandhya Topno murder case, Nigaar Khan, was arrested by the police on the spot. Three other accused were arrested by the police on Sunday

WhatsApp group named ‘Wasseypur gang’ used to mobilise mob that unleashed mayhem on the streets of Ranchi over Nupur Sharma’s remarks: Police

As per reports, the WhatsApp group 'Wasseypur gang' was used to gather people in large number outside the Iqra mosque, one of the place where violence took place after Friday namaz in Ranchi.

Jharkhand: Police sources refute Kashmiri trader’s claim that they were forced to chant Jai Shri Ram, anti-Pakistan slogan in Ranchi, say dispute was over...

Sources in Jharkhand police said that Kashmiri trader Rizwan Ahmad Wan was assaulted in Ranchi over parking disputes

Jharkhand: Family of Puja Bharti, who was found dead with hands and legs tied, dismisses ‘suicide’ claims, demand CBI inquiry

Puja Bharti's father dismissed the suicide theory and questioned if it were indeed suicide, how were here hands and legs tied up.

Jharkhand: Police investigation claims Puja Bharti, whose body was found with hands and legs tied, died of suicide

DIG Homkar claims that Puja Bharti had tied herself up, using different ropes, prior to committing suicide.

Puja Bharti murder case from Ranchi: Facebook account of victim deleted, BJP questions police inaction

The BJP has warned that it will hit the streets to protest in case the culprits are not arrested soon.

Ranchi: Lawyer who represented Richa Bharti against Quran distribution order shot dead, property dispute suspected

Ram Pravesh Singh had represented Richa Bharti in her legal fight against the court order which had asked her to distribute the copies of Quran over a complaint against her Facebook post.

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