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Stalin opposes Amul after Karnataka Congress rakes up Nandini issue: How ‘local versus outsider’ is becoming the divisive template of non-BJP parties

Local versus outsider issues in various states are bound to arise, However, people and polity in the country need to rise above the differences and ensure protecting each other's cultures and identities.

‘North Indians have taken over my Mumbai’: Rajdeep Sardesai, who lives in Delhi, gets schooled on lessons in federalism

"Friend, you North Indians came to Mumbai and took over my city," Rajdeep Sardesai told Saurabh Diwvedi.

Understanding the anti-Hindi rhetoric of Tamil politics: how it started, and why it sells

When political leaders have no foundations to stand on and no work to show after years in power, they latch on to hatred and divisiveness, diverting attention from their failures and shedding accountability by giving the masses a common enemy to direct their frustrations at.

As Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra comes to an end, here are 11 incidents that show BJY was in fact ‘Bharat Todo Yatra’

Rahul Gandhi's Bharat Jodo Yatra ended on January 30, here is a list of incidents that prove it was more of a 'Bharat Todo Yatra'.

The awkward silence of Rahul Gandhi at Cambridge University and the uncomfortable truth it tells us about the Congress Prince

The video pertains to Rahul Gandhi's recent discussion at an event titled 'India at 75' at Corpus Christi College at the Cambridge University hosted by a Congress party sympathiser Shruti Kapila.

From praising China to comparing India’s federation to EU, Rahul Gandhi steps up his sub-nationalism rhetoric in his speech at Cambridge University

Speaking at an event titled 'India at 75' at Corpus Christi College at the prestigious Cambridge University hosted by a Congress party sympathiser Shruti Kapila, Rahul Gandhi once again promoted sub-nationalism besides instigating people by calling for a mass movement against the Indian state.

DMK continues politicising Operation Ganga, claims North Indian students in Ukraine are favoured by embassy staff by speaking in Hindi

DMK claims that Indian embassies are favouring north Indian students in evacuation from Ukraine by using Hindi

Telangana Congress president stokes north-south divide, claims CM KCR has Bihari DNA and relies on Bihari officers​

Telangana state president A Revanth Reddy took a leaf out of Congress playbook of stoking sub-nationalism and regional supremacism

Challenging the idea of India, stoking sub-nationalism – Rahul Gandhi’s new playbook of polarisation

Rahul Gandhi dismisses the idea of India's national identity and peddles left-liberal narrative of India being just a union of states

‘Biharis don’t have brains, took away railway jobs because Lalu Yadav helped them clear exams by copying’: Tamil Nadu minister KN Nehru

DMK's KN Nehru called Biharis brainless while blaming them for taking away jobs in Railways with Lalu Yadav's help.

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