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Kejriwal had tweeted an image depicted a man running behind a ‘Swastika’ shape with a club in his hand, driving out the symbol that is considered holy in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism in India
Unfortunate that Indian Express chooses to point out religious identity in matter of national concern
A minor confrontation took place between the evangelists and some local residents who objected to this targeting of Hindus at a religious event.
Netizens have complained about being subjected to Islamic propaganda online.
The Mosque has also been instructed to promote patriotism
The image was shared by a supporter's page of Nawaz Sharif's party.
The instance is an example of how the leftists and so-called liberals become apologists of Islamists.
When it comes to deaths of Hindus, media shies away
Such demand has come from some ‘liberal’ Hindus and radical Muslims like Asaduddin Owaisi
The cricketer earlier at an event in Chennai had declared that he was donating his eyes
Independent thinkers, who by virtue of being independent can't be leftist, guard their independence quite a lot.
The incident happened in West Champaran, Bihar. Police is treating it as a case of ‘honour killing’.
Congress hoping that the confusion would dampen the controversy?
As per a rule that came into effect two years ago, a non-Hindu visitor has to take special permission before entering the temple.
Except for apparent 'lip service' to Hindu causes, Modi govt appears apathetic. But it could be helping in other way.
Shashi Tharoor's communal mindset masquerading as 'secular'
Pseudo-seculars claim Diwali is not a Hindu festival.
The madrasas were given several reminder to comply
How the 'fake news' about Dadri lynching accused getting government jobs spread.
Aurangzeb apologists try to portray him as a secular, sympathetic ruler which he was not.
Hindutva is often derided as 'polluting' Hinduism by its critics. But is that the truth?
How I was subjected to hate and mockery just because I shared a picture with my cow.
He wanted to spread communal tension and start communal riots.
He referred to Goddess Durga as "sexy prostitute".
This article elaborates upon the Indic perspective regarding the 'Swastika Controversy' in the Western world.
There are total of 560 fully aided madrasas in the state
In an attempt to make meat appear all inclusive, Australian agency offended Hindus.
Twitter reacts to the insensitivity towards Hindus in Pakistan.

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