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religious conversion

The Kerala Story in Uttarakhand: Mubina Yusuf pressurises Hindu girl to convert and marry her Muslim friend, threatens to leak her private photos and...

The victim girl told the police that Mubina Yusuf grew close to her and started pressurizing her for religious conversion by showing videos of Muslim religious leaders.

Rajasthan: After befriending Hindu girl on Instagram, Muslim man raped her, forced her into Nikah, and gave her a new name after religious conversion

The two met through Instagram where the offender befriended the victim and lured her into a romantic relationship with him.

UP: Muslim man poses as Rana to trap a Hindu girl, forcefully converts her, feeds her beef during Nikah; presses her to abort baby

The accused's brother also sexually assaulted the victim and she received death threats after complaining about it.

Uttar Pradesh: Shakeel Ahmed kidnaps 18-year-old Hindu girl, forcefully converts her and changes her name to Iqra, forcibly marries and rapes her

The accused issued death threats to the girl and pushed her to embrace Islam in a mosque after which she was called Iqra.

Nupur Sharma murder conspiracy: More terrorists apprehended after Maulvi Sohail’s arrest, Pakistani links emerge

A terrorist named Mohammad Ali was found to hold dual citizenships of Indian and Nepal following his interrogation.

Mirzapur: Nazim Ansari takes a minor Hindu girl to Mumbai after posing as Rahul Singh, was planning to convert and marry her; arrested

Nazim's plan was exposed when an OTP for an Aadhaar “update” was received on the phone of the victim's mother, who promptly informed the police.

Bhopal: Faizal alias Badhshah takes Hindu girl to Kerala’s Kozhikode, forces to convert, Islamic documents recovered from victim

According to reports, the police have also recovered some documents from the victim girl that pertain to the Islamic faith and how to recite Kalma.

Rajasthan: Sabir kidnaps and rapes minor Dalit in Alwar, converts her to Islam and marries her; FIR lodged

In Rajasthan's Alwar, a man named Sabir reportedly kidnapped a Dalit minor girl, raped her, converted her to Islam, and married her.

Union government revokes FCRA licenses of five prominent NGOs over charges including illegal religious conversions

On 30th March, the Ministry of Home Affairs cancelled the Foreign Contribution Registration Act (FCRA) licence of five prominent non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Medical treatment, job, and Rs 50,000 in cash: Kanpur Police arrest pastor Williams and Deepak Morris for luring 110 Dalits to convert to Christianity

According to the FIR, the 110 men and women were asked to remove the statues of Hindu Gods and Goddesses from their places after conversion.

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