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Ola could be trying an April Fool's prank with Ola News Network, but they should actually do it. This is why.
The Fourth Estate's credibility is at its lowest level ever.
The video is inconclusive and it shows the man could possibly be trying to help the stampede victim.
Taking lessons from its bitter 2014 defeat, the Left has invested lots of resources into building an online fortresses.
Anuraag Saxena is a Singapore-based CA & MBA, who runs India Pride Project, which was termed 'communal' by ThePrint.
A dangerous lie is being spread across media outlets that "97% of cow related violence" happened after Modi came to power.
There are inconsistencies in media reports about the welcome incident that reportedly happened in Uttar Pradesh.
The Indian mainstream media fell to a new low while reporting a speech by Yogi Adityanath
What to make of news reports about petrol pump shutdown on Sundays
The ‘right wing’ finds Schadenfreude when journalists lose jobs, but they should understand that media is not the way they imagine.

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