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As George Soros reveals his role in the Adani fiasco, here is all you need to know about his ‘Colour Revolution’ in India

The vicious BBC documentary, the Hindenburg Research report and the entry of George Soros in the anti-India campaign are not a coincidence.

Bolivian soldier who had shot dead leftist fighter Che Guevara dies at 80 in Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Bolivian soldier Mario Teran, who had shot dead Che Guevara in 1967, dies at the age of 80

Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo says business leaders who don’t participate in social justice movement should be ‘lined up against the wall and shot’

Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said that all business leaders should work for social justice, and those wo don't should be shot by firing squad

Kakori Train Robbery: On this day in 1925 one of the most landmark events of Indian independence movement took place

The Kakori Train Robbery also known as the Kakori conspiracy was an armed robbery which took place on August 9, 1925, on a train in central Uttar Pradesh and the subsequent court trial instituted by the government of British India against more than 20 Indian revolutionaries accused of involvement, directly or otherwise, in the crime.

The Great Cultural Revolution: The debate surrounding Raja Ram Mohan Roy’s legacy is symbolic of it

Raja Ram Mohan Roy was a product of his circumstances and viewing his words and actions in their proper context is important.

‘Urban Maoists’ are real and Maoist literature prove it. Liberals dressing it up as ‘dissent’ are being dishonest

An optimistic part of me hopes that we recognise the toxicity of urban Naxalism irrespective of where our sociopolitical views stand.

What ails JNU? Well, some of its students inhabit the island of Calypso

The revolution makers of JNU inhabit a delusional mental state that is incapable of bringing about any genuine, desirable changes in their surroundings.

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