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Ministry of Defence, through the Director General of Military Operations (DGMO), said they have records of only one strike, that was conducted in September 2016.
It is rather unfortunate that the leader who chose to remain silent for ten years as a prime minister, lies when he finally decides to speak up
Rs 1.58 crore was spent by MP govt when Kamal Nath and other officials visited Davos to attend World Economic Forum meet
Maharashtra government takes action against Public Information Officer for dispersing incorrect information regarding the Bullet Train project.
The Ministry should issue a clarification on the matter.
With the official response out, would people who furthered an unverified source-based "news" from dubious website retract?
It has been a general trend of Indian politics that taxpayers have to bear the brunt of politicians wasting money on luxuries.
Journalists from many prominent media houses owe the UP government lakhs of rupees in unpaid rent
Recently, BJD and YSR Congress both met the commission and extended their support
Arvind Kejriwal took over water ministry and become chairperson of Delhi Jal Board in September 2017
The question of corruption may be answered, but as mentioned earlier, is this ideological corruption or purely financial corruption?
The 'aam aadmi' does not seem that 'aam' after all!
The research shows gaping holes in the functioning of the Information Comissions
The police have arrested Mohammad Ashraf and Sher Mohammad in connection with this attack
Earlier Kerala health minister had billed Rs. 29,000 to taxpayers for glasses
As expected the RTI query was spun to provide this conclusion
Waqf boards in other states of India too have been involved in similar scams.
This is second attack on someone who has been associated with uncovering an alleged scam in Delhi PWD.
Students belonging to the ‘creamy layer’ allegedly offered admissions under the OBC quota.
A backdoor entry to arbitrary policing of the internet?
Pushp Sharma, the controversial journalist earlier arrested for extortion, has been picked for questioning.
Why is it taking so long to remove the name of Robert Vadra from the no-frisking lists at airports
Has BJP hijacked the U-Turn Tag from AAP?

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