Wednesday, April 21, 2021



US intelligence backtracks on Russian bounty claims, here is how media ran unfounded stories to damage Trump’s re-election bid

A June 2020 article in NYT had claimed that Russia is offering money to Taliban-linked terrorists to kill US soldiers, a claim that has now been discredited.

Designated Islamist terrorist in Syria seeks acceptance in the USA, cites common interest with the West in toppling Assad regime

Abu Muhammad al-Julani and his organization have fought against Assad’s forces, Assad’s Russian and Iranian allies, and Jolani’s own former allies in ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Ukraine-Russia conflict: All you need to know about the situation as tensions rise amid military build-up

Ukraine-Russia conflict started in 2014, increase in military movement across Russian side of the border has worried western countries

Shooting sounds heard in Donetsk as Russia-Ukraine crisis intensifies further, videos viral on social media

A major confrontation between Russia and Ukraine is feared with videos of shooting sounds in Donetsk going viral.

Russian President Putin challenges Joe Biden to a ‘live debate’ after Joe Biden refers to Putin as a ‘killer’, White House shuts it down

Russian President Vladimir Putin responded to U.S. President Joe Biden comments calling him a killer, challenged him to debate

Russian media regulator warns Twitter: Remove unlawful content or face country-wide ban in a month

Russian telecom regulator Roskomnadzor has given one month's time to Twitter to comply to their orders or face a blanket ban in the country.

Burqa-clad nanny who had beheaded a four-year-old kid in Moscow as revenge for ‘attacks’ on Muslims in Syria walks free

The 43-year-old nanny Gyulchehra Bobokulova was found carrying a decapitated head a four-year-old child Anastasia Meshcheryakov while shouting 'Allahu Akbar'

Russia: Woman passenger tied up to her seat after she tried to take off her clothes repeatedly onboard a flight

The woman was taken into custody when the plane landed in Siberia. She later admitted to having taken some synthetic drugs before boarding the plane.

Russian Embassy dismisses Indian Express report on Afghan peace process, says it is based on ‘ill-informed sources’

In a statement released on Tuesday, the Russian Embassy in Delhi stressed that Russia "always stated that India plays a very important role in Afghanistan, and its eventual deeper involvement in dedicated dialogue formats is natural".

Russia reports world’s first case of humans infected with H5N8 strain of bird flu

The highly contagious H5N8 strain is lethal for birds, however, it was never reported to have spread to humans.

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