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‘Faizan Khan duped us’: Telangana youth Md Sufiyan appeals for help, says they were made to fight Russia-Ukraine war in the name of ‘foreign...

One man from Telangana named Mohammed Sufiyan and three men from Karnataka were allegedly tricked by a YouTube channel run by Faizal Khan into joining the Russian army in Ukraine after being promised jobs as army security helpers in Russia.

You can live in Russia, but stay away from children: Putin warns homosexuals against influencing minors

Reaffirming Russia's reservations about openly promoting LGBTQ ideologies in the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that while Russia is not adverse to homosexuals, they should stay away from children

PM Modi to unveil two new reactors at Kakrapar NPP, Gujarat: Read how leftists have been trying to stall India’s nuclear ambitions for decades

India’s nuclear power plans have for years suffered due to the politics of leftist-communist parties as well as anti-nuclear activism. Such players have on multiple occasions resorted to fearmongering and stalling nuclear power projects.

Jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny is dead: Reports

The prison service of the Yamalo-Nenets region has reported the death of Alexei Navalny, a prominent Russian opposition figure who was incarcerated, Reuters reported.

‘India under Modi has an independent foreign policy, not easy in today’s world’: Russian President Putin

He further said that Russia can rely on India and its leadership because it is assured that New Delhi won't play 'games' against them on the international stage.

“India pursuing independent foreign policy, not easy in today’s world”: President Putin heaps praise on PM Modi’s leadership

Russian President Vladimir Putin heaped praises on PM Modi's leadership and credited India for pursuing an independent foreign policy.

Russian aircraft IL-76 crashes killing all 65 Ukrainian prisoners of war onboard, Moscow points fingers at Kyiv

A video of the crash is doing the rounds on social media. The footage shot from a distance shows the aircraft dropping out of control and crashing near a residential area.

Russia requests the UN Security Council to convene an urgent meeting over US and UK airstrikes in Yemen

Russia has requested the United Nations Security Council to convene on January 12 in connection with strikes carried out by the United States and the United Kingdom in Yemen

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Ethiopia and Iran officially become BRICS members, 2024 summit to be held in Russia’s Kazan

In the Johannesburg summit, Argentina was also invited to join, as Argentina's former government had expressed an interest in making the country a BRICS member. However, Javier Milei, the new President of Argentina, had decided to withdraw the BRICS application. Milei's policies are more USA-centric.

20, including two children, lost lives as Ukraine strikes on Belgorod in Russia

Two children and 18 others died in missile attack by Ukraine in Russia. Belgorod suffered large scale devastation as Ukraine attacked Russia.

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