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Sagarika Ghose

TMC MP Sagarika Ghose’s husband Rajdeep Sardesai greeted with Modi-Modi chants in Bengaluru, video goes viral

Rajdeep Sardesai, who has courted controversies in the past for alleged meltdown, ‘heckling’ and ‘clashing’ with Modi supporters, is then seen hastily trying to leave the scene.

‘There are individuals who perhaps commit mistakes’: Sagarika Ghose downplays Sandeshkhali unrest yet again, justifies arrest of Republic TV journalist

"When a propagandist goes to a particular place and demands the freedoms of the journalist to practice hate and propaganda, he or she will invite consequences," Sagarika Ghose justified arrest of Republic TV journalist Santu Pan.

Airtel tells Sagarika Ghose that her device has malware, she alleges ‘hacking’ of phone of opposition MP

Sagarika Ghose had received an email from Airtel on Tuesday (19th March), stating that her system (mobile phone in this case) had been infected with malware.

Sagarika Ghose downplays Sandeshkhali unrest as ‘local land dispute’ politicised by ‘outsiders’, goes on a deranged rant against PM Modi

Sagarika Ghose wasted no time in downplaying the unrest in Sandeshkhali village, which took place after scores of women took to the streets demanding justice for the atrocities committed against them by TMC goons.

Sagarika Ghose’s affidavit for Rajya Sabha nomination reveals Rajdeep Sardesai’s earning – running in crores – even during COVID: Details

Sagarika Ghose's affidavit after she joined TMC reveals Rajdeep Sardesai getting crores as salary, even during COVID years

Even as Sandeshkhali women narrate tales of TMC’s terror, Sagarika Ghose defends decision to join Mamata Banerjee with punch words like ‘democracy’ and ‘constitution’

On the 11th of February, TMC announced that it had nominated veteran propagandist Sagarika Ghose, wife of another veteran propagandist Rajdeep Sardesai, to the Rajya Sabha.

Journalists should stay away from politics, can give in writing that I will never accept RS ticket: Old tweets of Sagarika Ghose go viral...

As TMC nominates Sagarika Ghose for Rajya Sabha, her old tweets saying she will never accept RS ticket goes viral

People who abuse Modi get Rajya Sabha seat: Old interview of PM Modi with Rajdeep Sardesai surfaces as TMC gives Sagarika Ghose a ticket

Prime Minister Narendra Modi exposed how 'journalists' are rewarded for their anti-Modi rhetoric, proved by Sagarika Ghose getting a Rajya Sabha ticket

As TMC hands Rajya Sabha seat to Sagarika Ghose, watch how Mamata Banerjee walked out of her interview on being asked about ‘women safety’

On being asked about women's safety, Mamata Banerjee lost her calm. She snapped, "I must tell you that you are CPI(M) cadres, Maoist cadres...I cannot reply to CPI(M) questions.

TMC rewards ‘journalist’ Sagarika Ghose for favourable reporting, gives her Rajya Sabha ticket

During the 2021 West Bengal Vidhan Sabha elections, Sagarika Ghose hailed Mamata Banerjee as a 'natural born politician who fights with passion and tenacity.'

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