Topic: Sagarika Ghose

Ghose was visiting Assi Ghat in Varanasi where PM Modi is contesting elections for his second term.
Earlier, too, Rathee was caught speaking the same language as that of Pulwama attack terrorist by mocking 'cow urine drinkers'
Sagarika Ghose and her husband are prime examples of what journalists shouldn't aspire to be.
The Supreme Court had clearly denied issuing a notice to the centre
Hint: It is not Rahul Gandhi himself.
The power of narrative building is immense.
Kejriwal spreads lies, once again and the journalists fan them.
Just because Arnab could do it, does not mean just anybody can.
2019 elections are upon us and the machinery is getting well oiled.
Her defence couldn't stand the scrutiny of social media users
Many journalists who are calling the clamp down on fake news 'draconian' have themselves indulged in fake news.
Twitterati recalls their growing up years when Bihar was ruled by Lalu and his proxies.
Rahul Gandhi Defence League to the rescue!
Try to hide as hard as she may, her contempt for our forefathers is evident
She wasn't happy about tough questions being posed to Rahul Gandhi
O Sullivan's law states 'All organizations that are not actually right-wing will over time become left-wing'
An exasperating farrago of half-truths and whole lies
The left liberals did not leave the chance to attack Lord Rama too
Sagarika Ghose having her yet another Nehru fangirl moment.
Statistics is a science and science can't go as horribly wrong as CSDS would have us believe

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