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Mamata Banerjee, who at one time had imposed restrictions on Durga Puja idol immersion as it would disturb Muslim processions has now rushed to prove her cultural credentials.
An allocation of Rs. 242 crores has been made in the budget for grants to Sanskrit Pathshalas in the state. Another 30 crores has been allotted to provide grants to aided Sanskrit schools and degree colleges.
The Supreme Court has sent a plea challenging the mandatory recitation of Sanskrit and Hindi hymns during the morning assembly in Kendriya Vidyalayas to its Constitution bench. Supreme Court refers to constitution bench, a plea challenging compulsory recitation of Sanskrit and Hindi hymns in the morning assembly of the Kendriya Vidyalayas. — ANI (@ANI) January 28, 2019 The proceedings in the Court witnessed a confrontation between Justice Nariman and Solicitor General Tushar Mehta who appeared on behalf of the Union Government. "It is a universal truth, recognised by all texts, all paths of religion. It cannot become religious only because it is...
Congress had taken soft-Hindutva approach even in Madhya Pradesh manifesto
The concept of 'emic and etic', as he says, groups people as insiders and outsiders, to explain social realities observed in religious studies, anthropology, psychology and a number of other social sciences.
Fund has been sanctioned to digitise and print the palm leave manuscripts.
It will be up to the discretion of the students whether to chant the mantra.
His academic anthology is diametric to his utterances in his public appearances
Yogi Adityanath government has taken various initiatives to modernise madrasas.
The origin and various meanings of the word 'guru' that commonly is used for 'teacher' or 'learned'.

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