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Meet Kashmiri educator Sabbah Haji, who does not think of herself Indian and picked up idea of ‘azaadi’ at 8

As an educator, who has an influence on the children, that Sabbah Haji holds resentment towards India and the Indian Armed Forces and harbours 'azaadi' sentiments is a cause of concern.

JNU vice-chancellor cancels webinar on ‘Indian Occupied Kashmir’, says it questions sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country

The webinar on Indian occupied Kashmir was organised by the Centre for Women’s Studies (CWS) at JNU without prior permission

How American soil is used by Pakistan-backed Khalistani elements to sow seeds of terrorism in India

Though the existence of demand for a separate Sikh state can be traced back to the period before Indian Independence, the violence associated with the demand had its origins only in the late 1970s, that surged through 1980s and early 1990s.

Kashmiri separatists elect a new leader to break away from India after Geelani’s death, Economic Times calls him ‘pro-freedom’ leader

50 year old Masarat Alam Bhat is a leader of the Muslim League and has been in Tihar Jail in Delhi since June 2019 in a terror funding case being investigated by the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

Kashmiri separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani dies at the age of 92 in Srinagar

Geelani was a key hardliner separatist leader in Kashmir, who had played a major role in the increase in separatist activists in the region

‘What is this new rubbish?’: Kashmir School Director suffers a meltdown after caller asks if National Flag was hoisted at her school

The Kashmir School Director, Sabbah Haji, is clearly unhappy with the Independence Day celebrations in the Union Territory.

Nine-member Taliban delegation visits China to meet Foreign Minister, signals growing China-Taliban ties after US withdrawal from Afghanistan

Taliban spokesperson Mohammed Naeen tweeted that a nine-member Taliban delegation visited China on an official invitation

Uyghur separatist group East Turkestan Islamic Movement now active in Afghanistan: UNSC Report

China had earlier this month expressed concerned about Afghanistan being used as breeding ground for East Turkestan Islamic Movement.

More controversial TISS papers surface: ‘India controlled Kashmir’, ‘Military Occupation’, romance with a research subject and embracing Islam

The 'pro-Azaadi' paper was authored by one Sreyasi Mukherjee and submitted at the Guwahati campus of TISS.

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