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sexual exploitation

‘Do not test my patience, return and face the law’: HD Deve Gowda says he is warning grandson Prajwal Revanna who is facing sexual...

Earlier in the day, Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, requesting him to cancel the Diplomatic Passport of JD(S) MP Prajwal Revanna who is facing an SIT probe over the allegation of sexual harassment "along with prompt and concerted actions to secure his return to India."

Uttar Pradesh: Afaq seduces a Hindu woman in the name of a job and marriage, forces her to embrace Islam, abandons her after the...

Afaq told the victim to abort their baby and impregnated her again. However, he then left her to marry a second woman.

Sandeshkhali: TMC Minister compares sexual exploitation of women by Sheikh Shahjahan with ‘eating pie’, downplays the heinous crime as ‘mischief’

"I did not know that he had a desire of eating pie (referring to sexual exploitation of women) at 12 o'clock", Udayan Guha was heard as saying.

Gujarat: Orphan minor girl living at aunt’s house in Surendranagar raped by uncle Rehman and four others, case registered under POCSO Act

The 16-year-old orphan girl was raped by her uncle Rehman and several others for months. She was found 6 months pregnant.

Love Jihad in Agra: Dilshan claims to be Deepak and lures a minor girl, sexually exploits, records video and threatens her; arrested

Dilshan used to wear 'kalawa' on his wrist and 'tilak' on his forehead to misled the minor into believing that he was a Hindu.

Latur: Maulana Ismail Sheikh, Faim Sayyed arrested for molesting a 21-year-old woman, making her derogatory video viral

A Maulana from Latur district of Maharashtra was arrested for molesting a 21-year-old woman under the guise of providing her with religious education

American clothing giant Abercrombie & Fitch accused of funding and aiding ex-CEO Mike Jeffries to run a sex-trafficking organisation

American clothing brand Abercrombie & Fitch has been slapped with a lawsuit alleging sexual abuse of its male models under its former CEO Mike Jeffries

‘Conscience of the court shaken’: Gauhati HC suo moto cancels bail of hostel warden accused of sexually assaulting 21 minor kids, read details

Yumken Bagra, a warden of a residential school in Karo village in Arunachal Pradesh had raped and molested 21 children, aged between 5 to 12 years in the hostels of the school between 2019 and 2022

‘Starve yourself to meet Jesus’ to ‘We will ride on a comet to escape apocalypse’: How doomsday cults have claimed thousands of gullible victims...

These doomsday cults thrive on the belief that people are living in the end times, that is the world will end soon and only those who follow their prescribed rituals and traditions will be able to meet God.

Trailer of Ajmer 92 released, reflects a story of the serial gangrape of at least 250 girls, movie set to release on 21st July

Based on true events, Ajmer 92 tells the story of the grim plight of as many as 250 girls who were trapped, sexually exploited, and blackmailed for years by many influential men, including Congress leaders and the caretakers of Ajmer Dargah, in the city of Ajmer in Rajasthan in 1992.

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