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‘They are really selfless who only care about national interest, no matter how much the criticism’: Shehla Rashid on why her opinion on Modi...

Shehla Rashid has lauded PM Modi and Amit Shah for the bloodless solution to the Jammu and Kashmir issue.

“Today I realise how lucky we are as Indians”, Shehla Rashid credits PM Modi for peace and safety in Kashmir after prosecution sanction granted...

Reacting to the fast-paced developments in the Middle East, she asserted that these developments have made her realise how lucky we are as Indians. She added that the security forces have made tremendous sacrifices to ensure long-term peace and security in Kashmir.

Delhi LG gives prosecution sanction against Shehla Rashid on sedition charges for tweets against Indian Army

Shehla Rashid had written a thread, a few days after abrogation of Article 370, accusing the Indian Army personnel of forcefully entering homes of people in Kashmir and 'picking up' boys as well as 'torturing' men.

Irregularities and misappropriations: Some high-profile ‘activists’ whose crowdfunding drives have faced controversy

Fundraisers that have run into controversies over misappropriations and violation of laws.

The Print columnist tries to insult ‘Sanghis’ by being a ‘Muslim celebrating Diwali’, gets slammed by fellow Islamists: Details

It is quite amusing to see that even the Islamist Zainab was not given a free pass by fellow Islamists. Radical Islam demands complete submission and any pretence of 'moderation' even to mask the inherent radical mindset, is not tolerated by the Islamist community.

Shah Faesal will not be appointed advisor to Jammu and Kashmir’s Lieutenant Governor, govt sources confirm

Shah Faesal, former comrade of Shehla Rashid, to be appointed advisor to Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir Manoj Sinha.

‘Snake’, ‘Islamophobe bigot’, ‘cretin’: Islamists troll Shehla Rashid for condemning #WhySoProud against LGBT community

Former JNU student leader Shehla Rashid was trolled by Islamists on Monday after she condemned the 'Why So Proud' hashtag.

JNU fines Aishe Ghosh and other students for illegally entering JNU hostel by breaking locks, Shehla Rashid jumps into the fray to foment trouble

JNUSU president Aishe Ghosh was fined by JNU admin for illegally entering hostel by breaking lock during the lockdown

In a bid to oppose UP’s anti-forced religious conversion law, ‘Liberals’ end up endorsing paedophilia

Contrary to the reports that the youth was in a relationship with the Hindu girl, in reality, the youth had only talked with the girl a few times on social media. However, there was no relationship between the two.

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