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Shekhar Gupta’s ThePrint platforms man who had made genocidal calls against upper castes, The News Minute had earlier tried to rehabilitate the bigot

ThePrint recently platformed Nilakantan RS or @puram_politics as known on X, had made genocidal calls against upper castes.

Even as India was shining after the G20 summit, Shekhar Gupta could not get over old habits – obsession with terror factory Pakistan

While we were all rejoicing at the monumental announcement of the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor during the G20, Shekhar Gupta was obsessing about Pakistan

Men’s chaddi crisis strikes again: ET draws inspiration from Shekhar Gupta’s ThePrint to cry economic slowdown

Alan Greenspan has been tracking underwear sales since over four decades now and linking them to economic crisis around the world.

Twitter erupts with jokes after discovering that The Print’s founder Shekhar Gupta follows soft-porn account ‘Neeta Bhabhi’

People are giving all sorts of reactions after seeing the screenshot of Shekhar Gupta's following list. Some are calling him a tharki old man while others are calling it a natural phenomenon.

As ISMC pledges to invest $3 billion in chip-making unit in Karnataka, here is how ThePrint peddled propaganda to discredit Hindu concerns

ThePrint published an article claiming that IT companies are deviating from Karnataka to Tamil Nadu due to rising “communal tensions”.

Shekhar Gupta’s The Print blames ‘lower caste’ Hindus for Jahangirpuri violence to whitewash stone pelting on Hanuman Jayanti procession

The Print tries to absolve Muslim mobs that pelted stones at the Hindus, blames 'lower-caste' Hindus from Bengal for Jahangirpuri violence

Prashant Kishor and his flawed calculations on how Congress is stronger than BJP

Prashant Kishor and his flawed calculations might end up giving false hopes to Congress for 2029

ORF VP slams Shekhar Gupta’s The Print for cheap clickbait headlines twisting ORF research data

Vice President of ORF Shamika Ravi slammed Shekhar Gupta's web portal The Print for reducing ORF research to a cheap clickbait headline.

Did Shekhar Gupta’s ThePrint use porn film intro music for ‘Cut The Clutter’? Here is what we know

Portion of music in 'Cut The Clutter' videos by ThePrint and a porn film were same, sending ripples of amusement amongst netizens

Kashi Vishwanath Corridor: When Shekhar Gupta’s ThePrint tried fuelling misapprehensions about the grand restoration project

In its interview from Jan 2020 with chief architect Bimal Patel, The print alleged that Kashi Vishwanath Corridor was built after felling ancient temples

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