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Shia-Sunni divide

Clashes erupt between Shia and Sunni Muslims during Muharram in Varanasi, Islamists raise ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ slogans, pelt stones

Muslims belonging to the Shia and the Sunni community clashed with each other during a Tazia procession on the occasion of Muharram in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Iran and Saudi Arabia to restore diplomatic relations after China-brokered talks in Beijing, to reopen embassies

Iran and Saudi Arabia to resume diplomatic relations and re-open embassies within two months after talks in Beijing

More than 4,800 Shias killed in sectarian violence in Pakistan over past 8 years: Report

Besides religious minorities such as Hindus and Christians, Shia Muslims also face persecution in Sunni-dominant Pakistan.

Pakistani cleric Ali Mirza, who supported Nupur Sharma, is now being accused of blasphemy for quoting a Hadith, here is what happened

Pakistani cleric Ali Mirza targeted by Sunni Muslims for quoting a Hadith that implies that Prophet Mohammad had called the fist Caliph a rebel

The Lady of Heaven: How a movie on Fathima has exposed Islam’s Shia-Sunni conflict again as theatres in UK surrender before threats

The Lady of Heaven, a movie based on the life of prophet Mohammed daughter Fathima, is being opposed by Sunni Muslims

Pakistan mosque refuses to make an announcement to trace missing girl Dua Zehra as she has a ‘Shia name’

A mosque in Pakistan's Karachi has refused to make an announcement for a missing 14-year-old girl Dua Zehra because of her Shia name.

Pakistan: Blast at Shia Mosque in Peshawar’s Kocha Risaldar kills 30, injures 50 during Friday prayers

The blast took place where Shia Muslims had gathered in the mosque for Friday prayers.

Gujarat Waqf Tribunal urges Bar Council to take legal action against four lawyers for acting ‘inappropriately’ during hearing

The Gujarat Waqf Tribunal sought action after the lawyers accused two of the tribunal members of recusing themselves from the case as they belonged to the Sunni sect.

T20 World Cup: Pakistanis abuse bowler Hasan Ali for being a Shia Muslim, blame him for match loss against Australia

Pakistanis were seen abusing Hasan Ali for being a Shia. It is notable here that Sunni majority Pakistan considers Shia as inferior.

Shia procession attacked in Pakistan on Muharram, 3 killed and 59 injured in the bomb blast

Videos of the attack on procession by Shia Muslims in Pakistan have gone viral on social media

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