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The temple visits of the Gandhi siblings right before the elections are an example of what all can elections make the politician do.
It’s important for Indians, especially the Muslims, to look at Congress’ manifesto closely and understand that the grand old party has never, not now, and certainly would not stand by India’s largest minority.
In 2014, Congress had won 3 seats in Madhya Pradesh while BJP swept the remaining 26 seats in the state
Congress had taken soft-Hindutva approach even in Madhya Pradesh manifesto
Congress though has been trying to come across as a pro-Hindu party, it has earlier too projected its predisposition towards the minority community.
C P Joshi said only Pandits and Brahmins know about Hinduism and others should not talk about it
Kamal Nath is seen saying the Congress needs to ensure that 90% of Muslims vote for them.
The Madhya Pradesh assembly elections have inspired Congress to toe the soft-Hindutva line again in their Manifesto
These are all very disturbing questions that Indian Muslims should ask
He even tried to instil fear in the minds of the people against the current dispensation.
The West Bengal CM had on September 10 announced disbursal of Rs 10,000 to each of the 28,000 puja committees across the state.
In this political bewilderment, it seems, it is slowly becoming difficult for Mamata Banerjee to camouflage her real frame of mind
Congress claims that the three expelled leaders had disregarded party discipline.
Another poster has a cutout of Digvijaya Singh missing
There are clear contradictions between the words of the Congress party and its actions.
The statements of Surjewala is interesting in the context of the fluid position that Congress has taken on religion
Hindu sentiments are just a location-specific political tool for Congress
The Communists have been trying hard to stay relevant in Indian politics as they are facing existential crisis
Recently, Mamata has been seen taking a soft Hindutva approach like Congress President Rahul Gandhi
The primary grounds for the challenge is that Veershaivas and Lingayats fall under the Hindu religion
The Congress is trying to woo both opposition parties and Muslims ahead of 2019 general elections.
Recent electoral setbacks have had a profound impact in the manner the secular parties conduct themselves.
Swaying between 'Minority appeasement' and 'Soft Hindutva', congress party sounds totally confused
Ironically, he has authored a book 'Why I am a Hindu'.
Disturbances have been reported from Birbhum as well.
This is not the first time Mamata has tried the soft-Hindutva approach
He said Congress' only ideology was keeping Rahul Gandhi in power
Rahul Gandhi had said that he’d read Gita to take on RSS. Read how his study plan shaped up.

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