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Gujarat: Altaf and Musa pretend to be Hindu tantrics, exploit Hindu devotees and extort lakhs by performing fake tantric rituals

Under the cover of darkness, Altaf's father, Abu Musa, constructed a makeshift structure resembling a sacred kunda. The victim was coerced to sit inside it while Altaf chanted mantras, claiming to unveil the presence of 'Mataji'

Islamists and leftists get triggered after PM Modi shares video of people singing Bhajan on train to Somnath to attend Saurashtra Tamil Sangamam

PM Modi's tweet wherein he shared a video of some individuals singing bhajans and playing the manjira (hand cymbal) on board a special train to Gujarat gave heart burns to several Twitter users

As Gujarat Congress says Allah sits in Somnath and Mahadev sits in Ajmer, here is a look back at the Hindu persecution at both...

On Sunday, Indranil Rajguru, Congress leader from Rajkot, created a stir by claiming that Allah and Mahadev are the same and Allah resides in Somnath while Mahadev resides in Ajmer dargah.

Gujarat: Allah resides in Somnath, declares Congress leader while averring secularism, chants Allahu Akbar

Indranil Rajguru said that Allah resides in Somnath and Mahadev resides in Ajmer Dargah, ahead of polls on December 1, 2022.

‘Humanity always wins over terrorism, Lord Shiva helps creation sprout even from ruins’: PM Modi launches key projects at Somnath

Hailing the cultural and religious significance of Somnath and the 12 Jyotirlings of India, PM Modi stated that it is Lord Shiva who lets the seeds of development sprout and grow even from the ruins of destruction.

Gujarat: Woman gives birth in ambulance in Gir Somnath as the road was blocked by lions

After noticing the lions blocking the way, the ambulance stopped at the spot and the woman delivered her baby inside the ambulance.

Twitter erupts with reports of Rahul Gandhi declaring himself non-Hindu at Somnath temple

As per a rule that came into effect two years ago, a non-Hindu visitor has to take special permission before entering the temple.

Nehru’s legacy – The Somnath Temple treachery

Nehru was no secularist

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