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suicide bombing

Pakistan: Suicide bomber rams bike into a military convoy in North Waziristan, 10 soldiers left injured

The incident happened late on Monday night when the military convoy was near the Khadi Market in Mirali and was on its way to Miran Shah in North Waziristan.

‘Suicide bombing is Haram, but I will become one and blow up entire opposition’: Pakistan minister threatens as Imran Khan-led govt faces a vote...

In an explosive statement on Tuesday, Pakistan's Civil Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan threatened the opposition parties that he would turn into to become a suicide bomber and blow up the entire opposition.

Australia tour of Pakistan: Cricket Australia monitoring situation after blast in a Shia mosque in Peshawar leaves 56 dead

A huge blast inside a Shia mosque shook Peshawar which is just two hours away from Rawalpindi where the Australian cricket team is playing a test match against Pakistani cricket team.

ISIS using TikTok to recruit suicide bombers to carry out attacks around Christmas: Report

ISIS using TikTok to recruit suicide bombers in UK to carry out attacks on Christmas, says report.

USA: 19-year-old YouTuber faces up to 5 years jail for suicide bombing hoax, had shouted Allahu Akbar to scare diners

Malik Sanchez had live streamed a video where he pretended to be a 'suicide bomber' to scare two female diners outside a restaurant in Manhattan.

Afghanistan: ‘Sunni’ ISIS-KP takes responsibility for bombing Shia mosque in Kunduz, bomber an Uyghur Muslim

The recent rise of the Taliban to power in Afghanistan has accentuated the fear of the Hazara community who had earlier been targeted by ISKP.

Irony: Taliban says there is no excuse for killing innocents in the name of Islam, slams USA for failing to protect Kabul Airport

Taliban condemned the suicide bombings at Kabul airport, slams the USA for lapses in crowd control and security.

Afghanistan: 6 killed, several injured after suicide bombers strike inside Kabul’s VIP area

A massive blast occurred in Afghanistan's capital city of Kabul on Tuesday evening. The blast was reportedly a suicide attack carried out using a car bomb around 8 pm in downtown Kabul, close to the 'Green Zone' - one of the most secured regions in the city.

Afghanistan: Three bomb blasts near a girls’ school in Kabul’s Shia neighbourhood leaves 58 dead

The Interior Ministry of Afghanistan said that there were a total of 3 explosions, a car bomb attack and 2 IED blasts

Suicide bombings are permitted by Sharia Law: Grand Mufti Of Libya Sheikh Sadiq Al-Ghariani

The Grand Mufti of Libya, Sadiq-Al-Ghariani claimed that if the suicide bombing deflates the enemy and brings about a crushing defeat upon him, then it is allowed by the Sharia Law.

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