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Noida jinx broken and more: Mahant of Gorakhpeeth breaks two political superstitions with thumping UP victory

As Bharatiya Janata Party approaches a historic win in Uttar Pradesh, it is all set to break the jinx associated with Noida

Jamshedpur: Girl rescued from Hussaini Karbala Imambada was tied up in chains to ‘exorcise demons’, says Maulvi drugged and assaulted her

Police stated that she gave accurate information about herself and family. The girl's family has claimed that she was possessed by ghosts and hence was being 'treated' at the Imambada.

Zambia: Pastor tries to imitate resurrection of Jesus Christ, convinces people to bury him alive

In the Zambian town of Chadiza, the pastor James Sakara had convinced his followers that he will be resurrected after a 3-day burial, just like Jesus Christ.

Maharashtra: Man booked for demanding 21-nailed tortoise and black Labrador as dowry

The accused had also allegedly asked his future in-laws to arrange for a black Labrador dog, a Buddha statue, and a samai oil lamp.

Superstitious beliefs such as ‘miraculous’ treatment drives members of Mahadalit community in Bihar to embrace Christianity: Details

A large number of people from Mahadalit community in Bihar's Gaya district have abandoned their faith and adopted Christianity.

Harsh Mander, Julio Ribeiro, Jawhar Sircar and more: Here’s the entire list of retired civil servants Hardeep Singh Puri called ‘Padhe Likhe Murkh’

Hardeep Singh Puri slammed former civil servants for endorsing a letter that called for the halting of Central Vista Project.

Andhra Pradesh: Parents brutally murder two daughters, claim they will come alive next day as ‘Satya Yuga’ comes

The couple brutally killed their two daughters claiming that they received some divine message to do so.

Bombay HC says sale of ‘Hanuman Chalisa Yantra’ and other items claiming supernatural power illegal, orders action against TV channels promoting them

Bombay HC said TV channels promoting superstitious materials are liable to face action under the provisions of the Black Magic Act

The full story behind the murder of a minor Hindu boy in Gopalganj

Rajesh Jaiswal's gravest allegation was that in order to suppress the incident, the police has altered the autopsy report of Rohit Jaiswal

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