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Australia: Tamil Nadu man Mohamed Rahmathullah Syed Ahmed shot dead by Sydney police after he stabs cleaner, threatens police with a knife

A 32-year-old Indian national Mohamed Rahmathullah Syed Ahmed was on Tuesday shot dead by Australian Police after he allegedly stabbed a cleaner and threatened police officers with a knife

Manhar Singh sentenced to CCO for his role in Harris Park Khalistani brawl, Australian Hindu Association reveals ‘unpublished details’

Manhar Singh has been sentenced to a Community Corrections Order (CCO) for 18 months in Sydney, Australia.

Australian Hindu Council slams Islamic terror outfit HAMAS backed BDS’ anti-Jew boycott at Sydney Festival: Read details

BDS is a staunchly anti-Israel movement backed by Islamic terrorist outfit HAMAS that opposes Israel as a state

Australia: Indian student Vishal Jood released from custody, was jailed for clashing with Khalistanis

As per reports, in a plea bargain, NSW’s Department of Public Prosecutors dropped eight charges that included the racial hate crime charges against Jood.

Australia: Hindu leader Yogesh Khattar’s business attacked by Khalistanis, had helped Vishal Jood fight his case

“I and my family are living in fear of an imminent attack," said Khattar.

As Australia unleashes Army on citizens to implement COVID lockdown, concerns rise regarding civil rights violations

Australia has deployed hundreds of soldiers in Sydney to help enforce a strict lockdown amidst a spike in Covid-19 cases.

Anyone could’ve got killed: Sikhs attacked in Canada, victims say they were targeted because they were wearing a turban

A group of Indian Sikhs were attacked in Harris Park in Sydney, Australia on Sunday night.

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