Tuesday, May 18, 2021



Chinese man seeking ‘freedom and equality’ navigates the Taiwan Strait in a rubber dinghy

The man reportedly bought a small dinghy on a Chinese e-commerce website and fitted it with a motor to cross the highly militarised Taiwan Strait

Taiwan man marries the same woman four times, divorces thrice to get extra paid leaves, employer fined for refusing to pay

The bank clerk in Taiwan pulled off this bizarre stunt up until he managed to get his 8 days paid leave extended up to 32 days

Chinese Embassy attempts to bully Indian media over Taiwan coverage, accuses media of inciting ‘Taiwan separatism’

The Chinese Embassy in India has issued a press release after the Indian media reported on Taiwan.

The Chinese Embassy in Paris calls French researcher ‘little rascal’, France summons envoy to protest

Chinese Embassy criticised for addressing a French researcher as 'little rascal' for his opinions against Chinese policy.

Taiwan overtakes China in economic growth for the first time in 30 years

Unlike other countries, Taiwan was successful in checking the spread of Coronavirus and avoided a strict lockdown.

‘No more appeasement of the Communist regime in Beijing’: US removes self-imposed restrictions on interactions with Taiwan

Hailing Taiwan as a 'vibrant democracy' and a 'reliable partner', Pompeo emphasised that all 'self-imposed' restrictions would be lifted.

China trying to spy on other nations by backing investment in Pacific undersea cable networks: Here are the details

Taiwan has claimed that China is attempting to spy on other nations by backing private investment in Pacific undersea cable networks.

‘Taiwan, Fight for Trump’, ‘Stop the Steal’: Rally in Taipei sees participants voicing their support for Donald Trump

Visuals of the event that have surfaced on social media show a very enthusiastic crowd in Taipei, Taiwan cheering for Trump.

After communist link emerges in Wistron plant vandalism, Chinese propagandist uses it to threaten other companies moving from China to India

The propagandist of China's Communist Party, subtly threatening the other partners of Apple Inc such as Foxconn, asked whether these companies now regret about moving those facilities to India.

While China whines about economics, Taiwan tugs on heart strings: Here is how China and Taiwan wishes Hindus on Diwali

The Global Times claimed that Diwali is "originally a symbol of light" but without the LED light manufactured in China, it will become "dark".

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