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China’s plan to break Taiwan: Infiltration of military ranks with spy networks, recruiting ex-officers with lavish gifts

The detailed investigation reports accessed by Reuters have reportedly revealed that China has systematically built a spy network to undermine Taiwan's defence capabilities, weaken its power and acquire detailed knowledge about its strategic weapons and plans.

Chinese state media threatens war against USA to eliminate and expel American soldiers from Taiwan

Global Times editor Hu Xijin threatened war to remove 30,000 US troops allegedly present in the island nation of Taiwan.

Taiwan’s Olympic gold medal in badminton made the Chinese athletes listen to the Taiwanese national flag anthem

Taiwan is compelled to represent in the Olympic Games as 'Chinese Taipei' due to pressure from China on the International Olympic Committee.

China threatens to nuke Japan non-stop if it tries to defend Taiwan, says it is making an ‘exception’ in the no first use policy...

China says that if Japan intervenes when it decides to ‘liberate’ Taiwan, it will launch a full-fledged war against Japan starting with nuclear bombs

‘Conditions apply’: China’s dirty politics over vaccines for the virus that likely originated in a lab in Wuhan

China has been leveraging its COVID-19 vaccines to coerce countries across the world to accept its propaganda on Uyghur Muslims, Taiwan etc.

American businessman tries to mock China with a t-shirt, ends up showing Indian territory as Chinese instead

In the t-shirt promoted by American hedge fund manager Kyle Bass, China was marked as 'West Taiwan'.

Japan Prime Minister refers to Taiwan as ‘country’, angry China lodges complaint saying it violates ‘One China’ principle

China said Japan PM violated principles of 4 political documents including China-Japan Joint Declaration by calling Taiwan a country

China warns the United States against establishing trade deals, diplomatic ties with Taiwan: Read details

The three US senators, namely, Tammy Duckworth, Dan Sullivan, and Christopher Coons, had visited Taiwan's capital Taipei to announce that they will donate 7.5 lac Coronavirus vaccine doses to the country.

Former WWE Champion John Cena apologises to China for calling Taiwan a ‘country’ in his promotion interview

Despite Taiwan having been independent for all practical purposes since 1950, the Chinese government likes to believe that Taiwan is a breakaway province, that will, eventually, be part of China again.

Chinese man seeking ‘freedom and equality’ navigates the Taiwan Strait in a rubber dinghy

The man reportedly bought a small dinghy on a Chinese e-commerce website and fitted it with a motor to cross the highly militarised Taiwan Strait

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