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tear gas

Kashmiri Hindu demonstrators lathicharged and attacked with tear gas shells during protests demanding justice for Rahul Bhat

The law enforcement officials attacked Kashmiri Hindu protesters with tear gas shells and batons

Australia: Police resort to tear gas and rubber bullets as thousands of people across the country hit the streets against the strict lockdown

Australian police on Saturday employed harsh measures, including the use of rubber bullets and tear gas, to disperse crowds that had gathered on roads in a nationwide protest to oppose the imposition of lockdown by the government.

Shops burnt, stones pelted on police in Baran, Rajasthan after 3 Muslim men stabbed one Kamal Singh: What we know so far

Shops burnt, police personnel injured, stone pelting, fire department vehicles attacked in Chhabra, Rajasthan.

Watch: Pakistani Minister Sheikh Rasheed brags about ‘testing’ expired tear gas on protesting govt employees

Sheikh Rasheed has been the subject of fierce criticism after he mocked the protestors and used them as 'weapon testing objects' instead of empathising with them.

France, Germany, UK and all other countries we should boycott for using water cannon and tear gas

As a newly woke nation, we also have a moral responsibility to oppose other countries that carry out atrocities such as using water cannons on protesters.

Jamia students joined rioters, former Congress MLA Asif Khan named: Read details of FIR filed in Jamia anti-CAA riot case

The Delhi Police has also named former Congress MLA Asif Khan as one of the accused in its FIR. Six people including four local politicians and the former Congress MLA have been named as suspects in the Delhi Police FIR.

Kolkata: Police uses water cannons and tear gas on BJP workers protesting peacefully against political violence in the state

The BJP workers were marching peacefully towards the Kolkata police headquarters in Lal Bazar before they were stopped by the police

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