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Johar said that he has had sleepless nights and he wished he could undo the damage.
NIA had registered a case against Naik in 2016. He has been staying in Malaysia.
Writer-producer Vinta Nanda narrates her ordeal of repeated sexual abuse and exploitation she faced in the industry.
Bhajan singer has been made fun of over the Internet for dating a girl 37 years his junior
Thapar was then heading Home TV. Vivek Agnihotri has written about the incident in his book ‘Urban Naxals’.
Doordarshan witnessed very positive numbers on 26th January
Mimicry artist Shyam Rangeela told that his words were twisted by the media
Kerala CM appears on NDTV reading out prepared responses to "Questions" right on air!
Arnab Goswami might have started as just another journalist, but he went on to break and make rules.
The legal notice warns of civil and criminal proceedings including seeking monetary damages from Arnab Goswami and others.
Rakhi Sawant faces arrest as she had repeated the story on a TV channel last year. A movie was banned too.
Navjot Singh Sidhu was talking to media persons after taking charge as a state minister in Punjab
CNN has been accused of disgusting portrayal of Hindus through its new series ‘Believer’.
A liberal of New Delhi explains what normal people with normal brains could not understand.
It is a random funny TV ad, but it captures the essence of benefits attached to appearing liberal.
Superficial commentary on the symptoms rather than the cause will not help solve Kashmir's problem
People have lost trust in TV news completely while a huge majority thought that overall the media was biased.

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