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USA: Mall worker Arthur Hector Fernandez offered to babysit toddlers of co-workers, gang-raped them along with others and posted videos on dark web, arrested

The accused led the gang rape of two toddlers in a public restroom of a busy shopping mall. He then posted four such videos on the dark web.

‘New York is buckling under the load’: Elon Musk says social services going to collapse in USA as millions of illegals are coming while...

Assuming the role of a "citizen journalist" Elon Musk asked Tony Gonzales if the "all-time high" in the number of illegal immigrants entering Texas through the border, is normal or if the country is seeing a crisis.

US: Car runs over a crowd of migrants in Texas, 8 killed and 11 injured

The incident took place after a car ploughed into a crowd at a bus stop located close to the Brownsville's Ozanam Center, a shelter for migrants and homeless people in the community. 

US: At least 9 dead and several wounded in Texas mass shooting, gunman killed by police

The injured varied in age from 5 to 61, according to the spokesperson for Medical City Healthcare, which was treating multiple victims at three trauma centres.

USA: Texas man shoots dead five people ‘execution style’ after he was told to stop shooting as a baby was sleeping, remains on the...

Texas: Mexican man Francisco Oropeza shot dead five Honduras nationals including a 8-year-old kid in Texas using an AR-15 style rifle

How a George Soros-backed District Attorney set a masturbating predator free on Probation in Austin, Texas: Details

José Garza, the George Soros-backed district attorney, released Antonio Rios despite the fact that he admitted to aggravated assault causing severe bodily harm.

Same-sex marriage row: Married in Texas, gay India couple files petition in SC seeking to make Foreign Marriage Act gender neutral

A gay married Indian couple in the United States has pleaded that the Foreign Marriage Act be made gender neutral.

Texas: 3-year-old girl shoots and kills 4-year-old sister after finding a loaded gun in the house

A 3-year-old girl in Texas accidentally shot and killed her 4-year-old sister after finding a loaded gun in house.

I hate you f*cking Indians: Mexican-American woman’s racist tirade goes viral, arrested after she assaults Indian women, pulls a gun out

The Plano police arrested Esmi on Thursday (August 25) for assault bodily injury and terroristic threats.

USA: Egyptian Yaser Abdel Said faces trial after 12 years on the run, had killed his 2 daughters for dating non-Muslim boys

Accused Yaser Abdel Said is an Egyptian who lived in Texas. He killed his teenage daughters because both the daughters had non-Muslim boyfriends.

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