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the resistance front

Kashmir: Islamic terror outfit The Resistance Front threatens to disrupt Amarnath Yatra, calls Yatris ‘stooges of Sanghi regime’

Islamic terrorists threaten against Amarnath Yatra, send warning letter saying increase in number of pilgrims an attempt to change demography.

‘They had asked students to attend August 15 event’: Pakistan-sponsored terror org takes responsibility for killing 2 non-Muslim teachers in Srinagar school

Pakistan's terror outfit 'TRF' claimed that the teachers in Srinagar were killed because they had urged students to attend the August 15th Independence Day function held in the school

The Taliban accused of mass murder in Panjshir, family members of resistance leaders and civilians killed in large numbers

Mojir Haqjo, the nephew of Late Marshall Fahim and brother-in-law of Fahim's son Adib, was reportedly executed by the Taliban

Taliban says Panjshir Valley has fallen, NRF says the fight will continue: Details

Talibani spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid announced on Monday that the group has completely conquered Panjshir Valley, the last bastion of the resistant forces

The son of the lion: Afghan resistance leader Ahmad Massoud follows into his father’s footsteps in fighting the Taliban

Ahmad Massoud has chosen to follow the footsteps of his father Ahmad Shah Massoud in fighting against the Taliban

Afghanistan: Amrullah Saleh leads ‘Panjshir Resistance’ against Taliban, working with Ahmed Masood to unite Northern Alliance warlords

Amidst the complete takeover of Afghanistan by the Islamic terror group Taliban, a resistance force, led by Ahmad Massoud, son of late Afghan politician Ahmad Shah Massoud - known as the "Lion" of Panjshir, are gaining in strength in the Panjshir valley, north of Kabul.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s effigy burnt in protest after Pak-sponsored terrorists kill Kashmiri Hindu Sarpanch Ajay Pandita

BJP Youth wing burnt effigy of Imran Khan to protest against Sarpanch Ajay Pandita's assassination

Kashmir: LeT’s new proxy group TRF takes responsibility for the assassination of Sarpanch Ajay Pandita, says no ‘political stooges’ will be spared

The terrorist group issued a statement warning that no 'political stooge' in the valley who stands with the 'occupational regime' will be spared.

Pakistan’s new terror outfit ‘TRF’ threatens to kill all Indians who plan to settle in Kashmir and ‘change demography’

The Resistance Front has openly declared that any non-Kashmiri who goes to Kashmir with an intention to settle there eventually will be treated as an 'RSS agent' and 'not a civilian' and be 'dealt with appropriately'.

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