Thursday, April 18, 2024


Times of India online

Does Times of India want Hindus to be killed by Islamists without a defence so that ‘peace’ can be maintained? What they wrote

After Kanhaiya Lal was beheaded, it was found that another Hindu man, Umesh Kolhe was killed for supporting Nupur Sharma.

Amidst fears of World War 3, the Times of India is concerned about the Indian film industry losing shooting destinations

Times of India (TOI) worries about how Indian filmmakers would not be able to shoot in Ukraine anytime soon

Times of India misquotes Modi’s cook, changes web story after getting called out

After the brouhaha, TOI quietly altered the article and issued a clarification in the print edition the next day.

Times Group deletes report, apologises to Subramanian Swamy after circulating a misleading quote on Rafale deal

PTI too issued a clarification distancing itself from the misleading news

Fact checking begins at home : Times Group should fact check itself before busting other ‘fake news makers’

Will TOI track and bust fake news peddled by itself and the portals it is teaming up with?

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