Tuesday, August 9, 2022



Germany to bring ‘Self-Determination Act’ that will permit citizens to change gender and name once a year, every year

Germany to bring law that will allow people to change their gender without any surgery or therapy

Kerala HC says transgender athletes can participate in sports events in their chosen gender category if there is no separate category

Kerala High Court orders that a transgender woman must be allowed to play in women's category in a Judo tournament

UK: Trans man tricks three women into sexual relationships using a prosthetic penis, jailed for 10 years

Trans man ‘Tarjit Singh’ used a prosthetic penis to have sexual relations with ‘his’ victims

USA: Biden’s Asst Secretary for Health, who is a trans woman, wants to ’empower’ children to get puberty blockers, sex-change surgery

Rachel Levine, who is transgender herself, and had lived as a biological male till 2011, has made these statements while appearing on MSNBC's "Andrea Mitchell Reports."

USA: Transwoman shifted out of women’s prison after ‘she’ impregnates two female prisoners through consensual sex

Transwoman kept in female prison in New Jersey impregnates two female inmates, shifted to male prison

‘We will keep men out of women’s sports’ – Trump calls for removing ‘trans’ athletes from women’s sports

Former President of the United States of America Donald Trump once again pushed for keeping biological men out of women's sports.

Prayagraj: Eunuch accuses another eunuch of forcibly converting her into Islam, demands police action

A eunuch in Prayagraj accused another eunuch of forcibly converting her into Islam and demanded police action against her.

Elon Musk’s son becomes trans woman, appeals to cut all ties with ‘her’ father

The son of billionaire Elon Musk has filed a plea in court to change his name in accordance with his new gender identity

BBC altered rape victim’s quote to prevent ‘misgendering’ Transgender attacker, ‘woke staff’ replaced ‘he/him’ with ‘they/them’

BBC changed pronouns in rape victim's statement to hide the fact that she was raped by trans-woman with male genitals

Transgender Muslim doctor asks Muslim men to quickly marry multiple times before polygamy becomes illegal for them, suggests marrying transgenders

"Don’t fall for romantic online relationships with non-Muslims," Dr Aqsa said while asking Muslims to avoid romantic liaisons with non-Muslims.

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