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UK: Biological male dressed up as a woman reports Harry Potter author JK Rowling to police, wants her arrested for ‘misgendering’ him

The Harry Potter author, slammed the ‘trans activist’, calling Willoughby a “trans-identified man” adding that “there is no human right to universal validation.

Love gone wrong: Deep spent 1 crore to become female after falling in love with Vaibhav, sets car on fire in Kanpur after boyfriend...

A man who became female to marry boyfriend burnt his car in Kanpur after he refused to marry even after she spent Rs 1 crore for sex change

Mumbai: POCSO court sentences transgender person to death for kidnapping, raping, and killing a 3-month-old girl for not getting ‘bakshish’

A court in Mumbai sentenced a 24-year-old transgender to death for kidnapping, raping, and murdering a three-month-old girl in Cuffe Parade area of Mumbai in 2021.

UK NHS Trust says chemical secretion induced from breast of biological males calling themselves women are same as mother’s milk for newborns

A think tank named Policy Exchange has lashed out at the NHS trust calling it "unbalanced" and "naive".

OpIndia impact: NCPCR takes cognizance of Shiv Nadar School introducing ‘non-binary’ as children’s gender, instructs officials to ensure that unapproved gender terms not used

After Shiv Nadar School introduced ‘non-binary’ as child’s gender, NCPCR has written to UP and Haryana govt to ensure that unapproved gender terms are not used by schools

United States: Here are 4 mass shootings where trans and ‘non-binary’ assailants gunned down innocent people

Iowa school shooter Dylan Butler identified as 'non-binary' on his Instagram and TikTok accounts. He used the pronouns 'he/they' and the profile bio reflected a 'pride flag' (representative of the LGBTQ+ community).

Canada: Female Boxer withdraws from championship after learning that her opponent is man identifying as woman

Female boxer Katia Bissonnette withdrew from a Canadian championship match after learning that her opponent Mya Walmsley is man identifying as womam

Supreme Court seeks response of central and state governments on plea seeking reservation for transgenders

SC seeks responses from centre, states and union territories on a petition filed seeking reservation for transgenders

The onslaught of dress-up Trans movement: Why it worries me as a woman

The trans movement is a worry for women and it is perhaps gaining momentum because men realise women don't push back

International cycling governing body UCI bars transgender women from participating in female category in all cycling events

UCI announced that trans women cyclists would be prohibited from participating in women's events in all categories of cycling

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