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The onslaught of dress-up Trans movement: Why it worries me as a woman

Corporate companies are giving credits and funding to companies if they have gender-fluid policies and programmes in office spaces, events and products designed for Pride and Trans. All coincidently (?) invading only women's rights and spaces. Probably because they noticed that Women don’t push back.

I live in Ireland, the other day I used a public lady’s washroom and watched a man retouching his/her make-up in the mirror. As a “regressive” Indian I am not used to seeing a “woman” with a prominent Adam’s apple, strong shoulders under a spaghetti top and a pair of athletic thighs almost ripping the fishnet leggings – I paused for a moment, feeling an invasion of my privacy and gaped at a couple of ladies in the washroom hoping for an acknowledgement. However, to my surprise, they were quite accepting as they made sure he/she noticed the credence of his/her gender choice.

This incident induced consternation in me and the more I pondered over it, the more trepidation took over. I was appalled to see how women were so comfortable with a man in their space. They had not only bestowed themselves with a medal but also walked out with a beaming halo.

Well, that was Ireland, not India and what’s happening in the rest of the world doesn’t necessarily apply to Indians. But doesn’t the western wokeness permeate into Indian societies? Hasn’t our very Indian Chief Justice of India – Hon. Dhananjaya Yeshwant Chandrachud; who was hearing a batch of petitions for permission to same sex marriage said something to spark this debate in India? 

CJI Hon. Chandrachud emphasised – “There is no absolute concept of a man or an absolute woman at all. It’s not a question of what your genitals are. It’s far more complex, that’s the point. So even when Special Marriage Act says man and woman, the very notion of a man and a woman is not an absolute based on genitals.”

So, if you think the debate of trans rights does not apply to India, think again. Because very soon it will.

India has always recognised a third gender, Male, Female and Kinnar. I think India or for that matter, the world should only have LGK – Lesbians, Gays and Kinnar. Anything after that is just privilege and playfulness. Let’s save this topic for another day and discuss how blurring the line between gender and sex is only injurious to women.

Let’s just agree that there is an asymmetry in gender and will continue to exist; no matter how hard we try to fill this gap; the truth is that men will dominate corporate, political, defence, manual labour and socio-economic fronts amongst violent crimes, theft and rioting. While women dominate the fashion, beauty, entertainment, education, medicine, childcare and mental health fields. We can take an easy guess as to why the Male and Female genders have organically pursued these career options over centuries.

Now, out of all the categories mentioned above, how many do you think have been crossed over?

Are we seeing Transwomen demanding and beating Men in corporate, politics, manual labour or defence jobs? Or are we only witnessing Transmen crossing over and taking up the space of women in Beauty, fashion, education, entertainment and sports?

A woman’s space has always been accessible because it’s in her nature to be accepting, inclusive empathetic and magnanimous. It has often been taken advantage of that and invading a woman’s space almost comes organically to these notoriously dazed men.

By attesting words like ‘dazed’ or ‘confused’; I by no means intend to hurt or deride the people who are sexually attracted to their same sex. Here, I am referring to the “Play Dress-up” people.

The people who are not only diluting and defeating the rights of Lesbians, Gays and Kinnars but also of Women.

Women, over the centuries, have fought for themselves with various types of Feminist movements. In India, many women are struggling to share the responsibilities of children and home with their partners. They have broken stereotypes and rejected rules dictating them based on their gender. Just when women were about to make a point, and make choices, we have men who feel like a woman and want to have a bite of everything a woman does and can do!

To make matters worse the Multinational Corporations and Media firms are encouraging this and shoving this down the general public’s throat.

The recent Bride’s cover:

Alok Vaid Menon on India Today Magazine ‘Brides’

Alok Vaid-Menon, a Trans activist-model was allowed and got away with this.

Everybody who is interested in this debate knows about Dylan Mulvany.

Dylan Mulvaney (Before and after)

This Tranwoman has a long list of endorsements, majorly in feminine products like make-up, women’s sportswear, and feminine hygiene products including Tampons and alcoholic beverages. His popularity had grown manifolds since his Tiktok series – “Life… or (no. of days) as a Woman” with big brands like Nike, Mac, and Maybelline sponsoring him to endorse their products. Everything was up-to-code until Bud Light!

Bud Light, an alcoholic drink overwhelmingly consumed by Men, faced a brutal backlash and it suffered a massive drop of 28% making Anheuser-Busch lose $20 Billion in Market Cap value. Bud Light continues to drop despite corrective actions. What does it say about the reactions of both genders to the invasion of their space?

Women allowed Dylan Mulvaney and activist-model Alok Vaid-Menon to pose as women and embrace everything which is designated for women. The title of “Bride”, “Mother”, and “Wife”, products like Sports Bras, Tampons or sanitary pads which are foreordained only for women are now being owned by them and women did not push back!

The bottom line is Men do not accept and tolerate any mutilation of the definition of manhood but women accept, embrace and further, anything that cries victim in front of them.

The United States being the most developed country in the world has its boon and bane. The Transgender movement is a premonition for other countries where this movement is still in its nascent stage. 

In US the incompetent sportsmen are changing their gender identity overnight and participating in women’s sports, not defeating them by small margins but leaps. Sportswomen are accepting challenges in boxing and martial arts against men. They are letting big companies like Adidas and Nike hire males to sell their women’s swimsuits and sports bras. Miss Netherlands is a Man who defeated scores of women in femininity. They allow Men to enter girls’ washrooms in schools, and Trans Men dressed as Drag Queens are taking classes for primary kids in schools.

Do you think most men would tolerate Transwoman advertising an athletic supporter or an Electric Beard Shaver, or allow a Transwoman pretending to be a male to date their dependent heterosexual daughter?

The repercussions of this nonchalance by women have led to incompetent men dressing up as women and asking them to scooch over in sports, product endorsements, public spaces, and beauty pageants and even allowed them to define them.

Yes, the definition of woman is open for interpretation by everyone. The battles women have fought to be defined as a person who is more than a birthing machine have been reversed by these nasty men. Women participating in and validating this Trans movement are regressive to women. Names like “Menstruators”, “Birthing person”, “Everyone with a cervix” and “Non-men” are a result of the affirmation people are giving to these delusional mental patients. So much so, that they are even snatching away your identity if for some medical reason, you cannot conceive or breastfeed.

CJI Chandrachud agrees that woman or man is a notion, you are being reduced to a “feeling”. He even calls being a Man- a notion, but will men accept that? The debates, the discussions, the activists, and the spokesperson are all FOR women, By Women and AS women. Men have not even put this option on the table for discussion; there are no debates questioning manhood or whether a transwoman should be able to go down the drain and clean it. Everyone is benefitting from confusing the general public with these discussions.

Activists against the radical Trans movement are mostly males who are picking ridiculous, radical and delusional Trans activists and putting them on their channels, inviting them for debates and discrediting them to gain followers and become famous. Women and the young are so vulnerable to consuming it in any form on social media and assuming that the world around them is LGBTQ+++. The fact is, that a very small percentage of people around you are them, the ones who are genuine are just fighting to be accepted by families and friends, who have a flair of femineity or masculinity and don’t want to be discriminated against, they want to step out with the person they love and have the right to marry and commit his/her intention. 

Alok Vaid-Menon or Dylan Mulvaney do not stand for any of their rights or in the Indian context, the rights of Kinnars. Such “Play-dress up” people are even more perilous for women.

Feminists who claim to be the warriors of oppressed women; are joining hands with these cross over men to give away women’s rights.

Corporate companies are giving credits and funding to companies if they have gender-fluid policies and programmes in office spaces, events and products designed for Pride and Trans. All coincidently (?) invading only women’s rights and spaces. Probably because they noticed that Women don’t push back.

I’ll end this with a movie suggestion: The Stanford Prison Experiment. 

This movie was based on a psychological experiment conducted in the summer of 1971. It was a two-week simulation of a prison environment that examined the effects of situational variables on participants’ reactions and behaviours. The participants were divided into two groups of Prison Guards and Prisoners. The experiment was stopped in between; because the guards became authoritarian and abusive while the prisoners became submissive and distressed. How you interpret the findings is relative to which situation you mean to apply the experiment to, but the statement of the real-life character Christopher Archer, who was intensely abusive to the prisoners, at the end of the experiment said – “I was running my own experiment, to see what kind of verbal abuse people could take before they start objecting or lashing back. It really surprised me that nobody said anything to stop it or questioned my authority. I started to abuse people so much, it became so profane and still people didn’t change.”

The Bud light boycott is a cue for women.

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Nivedita Shukla
Nivedita Shukla
Nivedita 'Ramendu' Shukla is author of the Novel- "The Mementos of Runjh".She is based in Dublin, writes on politics and world affairs.

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