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While TrueIndology gets suspended, Indians described as piglets, swine, cockroaches and rodents seems to be ok with Twitter
Popular Twitter user True Indology, who prefers to stay anonymous, hits out on those who got his account suspended
Popular Twitter account TrueIndology suspended again, this time after threatened by govt officer suspended for misusing official power
Questioning the so-called Hindu-Muslim harmony in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, True Indology said that one-dimensional harmony of Hindus towards Muslims meant ethnic cleansing.
Twitter has been accused of exercising its power to regulate free speech on its platform.
Twitter is constantly struggling to maintaining the balance between freedom of speech and censorship
Is the Congress taking steps to remove videos critical of Rahul Gandhi?
Twitter suspended two popular Right Wing accounts yesterday
Won't be too long before Twitter un-verifies Indian Right Wing Twitter handles
Hindustan Times journalist writes a lopsided story on Twitter sending notice to Kashmiri users.
If someone blocks you on Twitter, you can’t interact with him further. But this new feature changes that.
A whopping 7 accounts were suspended by Twitter India without any clarification
Arvind Kejriwal has found new fans, though for an unusual reason.
After fears of suspension, this is the latest headache of RW Twitter users
Twitter has been throttling voices of a particular ideology
The popular twitter user Sonam Mahajan(@AsYouNotWish) got suddenly suspended yesterday
Rajya Sabha MP Derek O'Brien read out a propaganda material in the house to target private citizens.

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