Wednesday, April 21, 2021


twitter suspension

‘Maybe coz I tweeted against Greta Thunberg and Disha Ravi’, says French journalist Francois Gautier after Twitter arbitrarily deletes his account

Twitter has, in fact, arbitrarily suspended accounts of many users who do not fall into line with its leftist ideologies

New public enemy no. 1? Twitter censors account for Pepe the Frog meme citing ‘hateful imagery’

'Pepe The Frog', one of the most popular internet memes of all time, was originated in the "Boy's Club" by Matt Furie in 2005.

Twitter continues purge of conservative voices, permanently bans journalist group Project Veritas for exposing Big Tech corruption

Along with permanently banning Project Veritas account, Twitter also suspended its founder James O'Keefe temporarily

Days after telling India that it can’t suspend politicians spreading hate, Twitter makes ban on Donald Trump permanent

Recently, Twitter had refused to comply with the orders of Indian government stating that they will not block the accounts of politicians.

‘Double standards won’t be allowed’: IT Minister RS Prasad lashes out at social media platforms encouraging anti-India propaganda

"Make money, but you will have to abide by Indian laws and the Constitution", said IT Minister RS Prasad in Parliament

Indian govt raps up Twitter, orders to block 1178 pro-Khalistan accounts

The misuse of the social media platform for spreading anti-India propaganda, provocative content and misinformation has irked the Union government.

Not just about Trump, and the censorship won’t stop: Leaked video of Jack Dorsey reveals plot of continued political censorship

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey could be seen discussing the platform's long term policy in terms of political censorship

Did Twitter ban Donald Trump from their platform after this letter from Michelle Obama? Here is what it said

Michelle Obama had accused President Trump of inciting violence and went on to describe POTUS Trump as "infantile and unpatriotic"

‘Twitter tolerates Ayatollah, but not Trump’: Twitter erupts after brazen censorship by Twitter

After Donald Trump was permanently suspended from micro-blogging platform Twitter for 'inciting' violence, netizens expressed anger

Twitter permanently suspends Donald Trump, then suspends other accounts that he tried to use: Here is all you need to know

Washington DC had erupted in chaos on Wendesday after supporters of Donald Trump stormed Capitol Hill and breached its premises.

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