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Scared of losing from Amethi, Rahul Gandhi has decided to contest from Wayanad where ‘Hindus are a minority’
Because of their sheer bitterness for Modi, these cynics are in no mood to spare anyone who comes out in support of Modi
Hamid Mir had previously taken to Twitter to lie about the Balakot airstrikes
Sisodia, without apologising or issuing a clarification, chose to quietly delete the tweet after being called out
While a Congress leader in his book says photo shows Nehru immersing ashes of his father, few media houses say it was ashes of Nehru's mother
Nidhi had earlier conducted an entire debate on NDTV based on fake news.
The BJP stalwart, Shivraj Singh Chouhan took the sole responsibility for the BJP’s defeat in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections.
Aam Aadmi party has claimed in its tweet, that the bridge is ready and all set to be inaugurated
The 29-year-old captain outperformed fellow Indian cricket legend, Sachin Tendulkar, who first crossed the 10,000-run mark in 259 innings in 2001.
An anonymous woman had claimed that 'Vairamuthu is a sexual predator', Chinmayi had supported her and claimed she was harassed herself.
This is not the first time celebrities have been trolled by fundamentalists on social media.
Social media came together to restore our faith in humanity
Even at a 7 month low, forex reserve was higher by around 30% since the BJP gained power, outflanking the Congress in 2014.
Ringing in the weekend with the unintentionally hilarious Raj Babbar. Cheers.
The government provides railway tickets at a highly subsidized rate, with citizens bearing only 43% of the total cost
There is a significant difference between the two symbols, which they have ludicrously compared and have in turn hurt the Hindu sentiments.
Not just the Kohinoor, there are several other artefacts that were also stolen by the British from India
An old clip of Kejriwal went viral on social media and Twitter unleashed the sense of humour.
Kejriwal undid his retweet after being pointed out that he is spreading fake news.
The journalist was slammed for his hypocrisy.
Some of the hilarious jokes after Lenin's statue was brought down in Tripura.
Seems like the police station has perfected the art of finding stolen phones.
What a great leveller social media is!
Under all his posh demeanour, Tharoor also believes in tweeting WhatsApp 'jokes'.
It is a shame he once wore a uniform.
The BJP supporters are not very happy with the social media head's tweets.
Shashi Tharoor whines that the 3 year old government has done nothing, gets reminded of Congress misrule.

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