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Filmmaker Hansal Mehta goes after an Indian in UAE, asks cops to ‘take action’ because he couldn’t take a joke

Hansal Mehta ridiculing everyone is kosher, but someone making a joke on him gets him so riled up he complaints to cops in Middle East.

Monday blues just got real for filmmaker Hansal Mehta. After romanticizing Pakistan over imagined better COVID care conditions, the film director is now having an elaborate ‘mental’ (if you know what I mean) breakdown after a netizen granted him his wish.

A Twitter user who goes by the name Dev Mehta instantly booked a one-way ticket for the director after being challenged by him and posted the same tagging Mehta. Seeing the banter get real, Mehta instantly locked his profile for an entire day only to come back as a troll. 

Hansal Mehta, tagging every entity possible has demanding strict action against the Twitter user for allegedly issuing a fake ticket and “inciting hate and issuing threats against Muslims.” 

Hansal Mehta’s tweet demanding action against the user

One wonders how is a one-way First Class ticket to Pakistan, where he himself wanted to go, ‘hate against Muslims’.

Here’s what Dev Mehta had to say

Dismissing the matter and urging the netizens to not drag it further, Dev Mehta pointed out how the so-called intellectuals can go to any level to harm the ones who stand up to them. Rightly so, as ‘speaking truth to power’ seems to be the democratic right of just the ‘intellectual lot’.

Dev Mehta’s reply to Hansal Mehta’s threat

As if the day-long banter wasn’t enough, Hansal Mehta shared screenshots of him checking the validity of the ticket and demanded proof of the purchase and payment made. (Eager to shift base?)

Hansal Mehta checking the validity of the ticket

It must be noted that for international flights, one can ‘block’ a ticket as booked and once the person puts in more details, like passport and all, one can confirm the ticket.

Mehta demanding proof from every user

This opportunity proved as a blessing in disguise for the ‘famed’ director as he got to hone his skills as a troll. Mehta can be seen using utterly crass and abusive language against a user to counter his claims.

Hansal Mehta abusing a twitter user

Caught on the wrong foot, Hansal Mehta then went on to have a full blown meltdown. He claimed that while the country is having a raging pandemic, people are trolling and then proceeded to troll and abuse everyone who pointed out that he started it.

Hansal Mehta’s meltdown

Mehta kept sharing gifs to further his bizarre behaviour.

Mehta’s tweet

Hansal Mehta and other ‘liberals’ rushing to tag Sharjah Police to get the netizen who just tried to fulfil Mehta’s wish jailed just goes on to show how the ‘liberals’ actually work. Dev Mehta, in his conversation with Hansal Mehta, had not said a word against Muslims. Despite that, Hansal Mehta decided to spread this falsehood and tried to get cops in the UAE to take action against someone just because he got mocked at.

Earlier too, ‘liberals’ had gone after Hindus in UAE after they voiced their anger against the Tablighi Jamaat attendees who were not only found flouting visa rules amid pandemic but also put lives of health workers at risk by spitting on them and attacking them. Hansal Mehta is just a part of the ‘liberalverse’ who will only believes in right to abuse but loses his cool when sh*t hits the roof.

Hansal Mehta ridiculing everyone is kosher, but someone making a joke on him gets him so riled up he complaints to cops in Middle East.

Ayodhra Ram Mandir special coverage by OpIndia

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