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Gujarat: Woman discovers man in neighbourhood was stealing her undergarments for 8 months, 10 injured and 20 arrested in clash after that

10 injured and 20 arrested in Gujarat after a clash following man caught stealing and stashing women's underwear

Dear Mahua Moitra, stop obsessing about ‘saffron chaddis’, this fixation with male undergarments of a particular colour is weird

Mahua Moitra, known for her noisy, foul mouthed rants in Delhi, has a rather weird obsession with male underwear of a particular colour.

Men’s chaddi crisis strikes again: ET draws inspiration from Shekhar Gupta’s ThePrint to cry economic slowdown

Alan Greenspan has been tracking underwear sales since over four decades now and linking them to economic crisis around the world.

Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren’s MLA brother came to Delhi amid to purchase undergarments, he says, justifying his absence from Dumka amid sensational murders

Soren's rationale for his absence from Dumka, which has still not recovered from the trauma of two successive killings of two minor girls within a fortnight, including a tribal, exposes Jharkhand's political landscape.

Did Nawab Malik ask Sanjay Raut to get extra pairs of Jockey underwear for him in Arthur Road jail? A fact-check

Having noted the username of Nawab Malik's Twitter ID, we performed a quick advanced search on the micro-blogging platform to check if he had really tweeted it.

Clothing brand removes bikini collection, featuring Hindu deities, after social media outrage

Sahara Ray is yet to apologise or issue a statement for hurting the religious sentiments of 1.3 billion Hindus.

JDU MLA says he was moving around in underwears inside train because he had upset stomach

Gopal Mandal's friend Kunal Singh came to the rescue of JDU MLA, saying that Mandal is a diabetes patient and was travelling to Delhi for some "urgent business".

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