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Half of Bengal’s population will one day speak Urdu: Old video of Kolkata Mayor thanking Mamata Banerjee for making it second language goes viral

In February 2012, Mamata Banerjee made Urdu the second language in areas of West Bengal where the population of Urdu speakers was equal or more than 10%.

After facing social media outrage, Urdu portal ‘Rekhta’ takes down book glorifying Islamist Ilmuddin, who killed Mahashay Rajpal in 1929 over ‘blasphemy’

Urdu portal ‘Rekhta’ displayed a book in its e-books list titled ‘Sawaneh Umri Ghazi Ilmuddin Shaheed’, which means ‘a biography of martyr Ilmuddin’. Ilmuddin killed author and publisher Mahashay Rajpal on 6th April 1929 in Lahore.

Urdu portal ‘Rekhta’ promotes a book glorifying Islamist Ilmuddin, who killed Mahashay Rajpal in 1929 over ‘blasphemy’

Urdu portal 'Rekhta' is promoting a book that glorifies Islamist Ilmuddin who killed Mahashay Rajpal in 1929 over 'blasphemy'.

UP: No mandatory Urdu test for sub-registrar jobs now, Yogi Adityanath govt to replace Urdu and Persian words with Hindi on registry documents

Uttar Pradesh govt has decided to remove Urdu-Persian words from registry documents and replace them with generic Hindi words

Muslims upset with Karnataka Congress govt for continuing the Rs 1 lakh per annum grant to maintain Urdu Academy: Read details

Ashraf expressed his disappointment over the Congress government continuing with the Rs 1 lakh grant for the Urdu Academy announced by the previous BJP government instead of raising the amount.

Why did Manoj Shukla, the dialogue writer of Adipurush, choose ‘Muntashir’ as his pen name

Adipurush dialogue writer chose Muntashir as pen name as he considered Shukla surname has no Vajan (weight) to estabilish him as a Urdu poet.

Maharashtra: Urdu posters at Shiv Sena (Uddhav Thackeray faction) rally in Malegaon stoke controversy, here is what happened

Urdu posters and banners used in Shiv Sena (Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray) rally in Malegaon town in the Nashik District

Tunisha Sharma’s family says she was blackmailed by co-star Sheezan Mohammed Khan, insists on probe into ‘Love Jihad’ angle

Insisting that the 'love jihad' angle be investigated in connection with the death case of actor Tunisha Sharma, the actress's mother said that Sheezan Khan was teaching Urdu to Tunisha

‘Urdu was imposed upon us with the creation of Pakistan, the movement for Bangla language gave us independence’: Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina

PM Sheikh Hasina also spoke about the Language movement of 1952 that culminated into the creation of Bangladesh in 1971.

Jharkhand: Probe initiated over media reports of conversion of 33 state-run schools in the Dumka district into Urdu schools

The DSE of Dumka, Jharkhand, has lodged a probe after media reports emerged that more than 33 state-run schools in the district have been converted into Urdu schools

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