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West Bengal: Three Hindu temples desecrated in Dinajpur, BJP slams Trinamool Congress

"This violent act is a direct consequence of TMC’s relentless appeasement politics, which perpetually endangers the Hindu community," tweeted BJP Bengal.

Telangana: Missionary school refuses entry to students observing Hanuman Deeksha for their saffron dress, protesting religious group vandalises the school, case filed against both...

Mother Teresa School in Kannepalli village in Telangaga was vandalised after school denied entry to students wearing saffron dress as part of 21-day Hanuman Deeksha

‘Hindus targeted with impunity’: BJP says homes and religious places attacked in West Bengal’s Murshidabad, party shares video

"Hindus targeted in West Bengal under Mamata Banerjee's regime," the X handle of BJP added.

‘France is already Allah’s’, ‘Submit to Allah’, ‘Happy Ramadan, non-Muslims’: 58 graves, war memorial, and church vandalised with Islamic graffiti

A total of 58 burial sites in Clermont-d’Excideuil cemetery in France were scribbled over with offensive Islamic writings. 

United Kingdom: Pro-Palestine protestor vandalises 110-year-old painting of Arthur Balfour, whose declaration led to the creation of Israel

Lord Arthur Balfour was the UK’s foreign secretary in 1917 when a declaration was made pledging Britain's support for the establishment "in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people".

Exclusive: JNU has no idea about the culprits involved in the 2022 anti-Brahmin graffiti incident on campus, reveals RTI​

The slogans read “Brahmin-Baniya, we are coming for you”, “We will avenge”, “Brahmins Leave the campus”, “Brahmins leave India”, “Now there will be blood”, and “Go back to Sakha” among others.

Car of woman who stood up against bullying ‘farmers’ blocking roads vandalised

The car of a woman who stood up against bullying 'farmers' for enforcing blockades, a video of which had gone viral, was vandalised.

Madhya Pradesh: Man arrested for vandalising Shivling and tearing the poster of Lord Shiva in Indore

A man was arrested for vandalising a Shivling and tearing a poster of Lord Shiva placed in a temple in Madhya Pradesh's Indore.

Karnataka: Street vendor Zaheer Khan arrested for tearing Shri Ram banners in Kolar

Zaheer Khan is 22 years old. He is a street vendor. The arrest of the accused came after Hindus held a massive protest in front of the Mulbagal Town police station.

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