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‘Forced to watch porn, have threesome in the name of Holy Trinity’: Former nuns reveal sexual abuse by Catholic priest close to Vatican

Marko Rupnik has been accused of sexually abusing at least 20 women in the past 30 years. He continues to serve as a 'priest' in a diocese in Koper city of Slovenia

Cardinal Angelo Becciu, former adviser to Pope Francis, sentenced to five-and-a-half years in jail for fraud

A Vatican tribunal convicted Cardinal Angelo Becciu of embezzlement and sentenced him to 5½ years in prison. The Cardinal left his poisition with the Vatican in 2020 after being accused of financial fraud.

Catholic Church in Vatican had knowledge about Nazis killing 6000 Jews each day, reveals letter from World War II era

In May 2020, Germany’s council of Catholic bishops admitted that the Church was complicit in the actions of the Nazi regime during the Second World War.

Former Pope Benedict XVI passes away at 95

Pope Benedict passed away two days after Pontiff Francis asked to pray for the "very sick" former Pope, CNN said in a report.

Pope Francis apologises to Indigenous People in Canada after mass graves of children were discovered in Christian schools: Here is everything you need

Days after meeting the Indigenous leaders of the First Nations, Inuit and Métis delegations, Pope Francis tendered an apology

#PoopyPantsBiden trends on social media after rumours emerge of Joe Biden suffering a ‘bathroom accident’ at the Vatican

There are rumours that US President Joe Biden had a "bathroom accident" during his meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican.

Spain: Bishop quits Church after falling in love with a satanic erotica writer, colleagues say he may be ‘possessed by demon’

Bishop Novell's lady love Caballol is known to author books like “The Hell of Gabriel’s Lust” and a trilogy called “Amnesia.”

DMK Minister’s daughter-in-law wants a law that requires Vatican’s permission to arrest Christian pastors: Details

Speaking at the event, Mercy Senthil Kumar claimed that she was at the event to give a voice to the death of Pastor Stan Lourduswamy, who, according to her, had dedicated his entire life to the service of people.

Poland: Catholic Church hit with sexual abuse cases, admits that 368 minors were abused by clergy in last three years

The Catholic Church of Poland, the core element of Poland's national identity, which has been accused of covering up crimes of sexual abuse of minors by clergy members, on Monday acknowledged that it had received complaints of abuse from hundreds of boys and girls in the last three years.

Kerala: Sister Lucy dismissed from the Church after Vatican rejects her appeal, had extended support to nun in Franco Mulakkal case

Sister Lucy has paid the price for speaking out in support of the nun who accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal of rape

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