Monday, April 22, 2024



George Soros-funded Vice Media files for bankruptcy to facilitate sale

Vice Media Group, formerly valued at $5.7 billion, is now facing the possibility of being acquired for $225 million.

US-based digital media house Vice Media may soon file for bankruptcy: Report

Vice Media may file for bankruptcy if does not fine a buyer, reports New York Times

Indian journalist for Vice simps on Khalistani leader Amritpal Singh, describes him as a ‘charismatic activist’ fighting for ‘self-determination’

Pallavi Pundir, an ACJ alumna working for Vice World News, recently penned a sympathetic article adulating over Amritpal Singh.

Did Vice India use the image of a “pure vegetarian” restaurant in the Islamic country UAE to shame Indians for casteism?

It is highly unlikely that Vice will now attack UAE for promoting casteism, but it can always use restaurants from UAE to guilt trip Indians for promoting casteism.

‘Indiregandi’, Turkey invokes Indira Gandhi to describe cheating and stealing, reports VICE

The Congress party may not find it as funny as the rest of us.

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