Thursday, May 13, 2021



Australian Porsche driver who filmed and mocked four policemen dying after hit by a truck sent to prison, judge describes the act as “heartless...

Richard Pusey had filmed 4 dying policemen who were hit by a truck when they were considering impounding his Porsche for overspeeding

Rakesh Tikait claims BJP leaders shot at his car, video posted by him shows farmers damaging the car with a stick

In a video posted by Rakesh Tikait, it can be seen that farmer were hitting his car with a stick while alleging it was attacked by BJP leaders

‘30% Muslims in India can form 4 Pakistans by coming together, rest 70% will have nowhere to go’: TMC leader in Birbhum

"If all the Muslims in India move to one side of the country, where the rest of the people go," asked TMC leader Sheikh Alam

Fact Check: Did AIUDF chief Badruddin Ajmal threaten to make India an Islamic country. Read details

The video speech by Badruddin Ajmal during Lok Sabha elections was doctored to retain only few lines to make it a communal speech

Watch: Video of lawyer lunching during virtual court session goes viral, Tushar Mehta asks him to send food over

When the advocate looks into the camera, Tushar Mehta amusing makes hand gestures and asks him to send some food across to him

Shekhar Gupta’s The Print deletes report about YouTube taking down video that argued how George Soros anti-India fund benefits media outfits

The Print deleted report about YouTube taking video by String down, which exposed links between George Soros and media platforms

‘I am not a cat’: Lawyer says after cat filter comes on during Zoom hearing. Here is what happened

The faux pas occurred at an online hearing of a Texas court, where attorney Rod Ponton appeared as a fluffy kitten.

Hip-Hop Artist Unkonfined deletes tweet supporting Farmers Protest, explains his reason why

Unkonfined said that he deleted the tweet supporting the farmer protests because he does not know enough about the matter

Farmer leader Ruldu Singh Mansa alleges Delhi Police smashed his car’s windscreen, video tells a completely different story: Details

Farmer leader Ruldu Singh Mansa smashes the windscreen of his own car with a hockey stick, alleges Delhi police did it

Three men arrested after a video of locals lynching a rare Gangetic Dolphin in Uttar Pradesh’s Pratapgarh goes viral

The three arrested men were seen in the video mercilessly beating the beleaguered dolphin with sticks, wooden logs and axes

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