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Pakistan: Vietnamese ambassador’s wife goes missing in Islamabad

The wife of the Vietnamese Ambassador to Pakistan Nguyen Tien Phong has reportedly gone missing in Islamabad.

Suffering from headaches for 5 months, a Vietnamese man learns that he had two chopsticks stuck in his brain

A 35-year-old Vietnamese man didn’t have an idea that a pair of chopsticks had been shoved up his nose and lodged into his brain for 5 months

North East India Festival commences in Ho Chi Minh City, aims to strengthen ties between India and Vietnam

The North East India Festival officially commenced yesterday evening in Ho Chi Minh City, and aims to strengthen ties between India and Vietnam

After India, now Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, and Malaysia reject distorted map released by China, dismiss its claims over South China Sea

"This latest attempt to legitimize China's purported sovereignty and jurisdiction over Philippine features and maritime zones has no basis under international law, particularly the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)," a statement by the Philippines government read.

Warner Bros’ movie ‘Barbie’ banned by Vietnam govt for showing controversial ‘9 dash line’ in South China Sea

Vietnam banned Barbie movie for showing 9 dash line, a u-shaped line that China uses to claim most parts of the South China Sea

India gifts indigenously built missile corvette INS Kirpan to Vietnam

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh held talks with his Vietnamese counterpart General Phan Van Gang here in the national capital on Monday.

My Lai massacre: Over 500 innocent villagers, including women and children, were slaughtered by US troops on March 16, 1968

In a gruesome violence against innocent Vietnamese villagers perpetrated by US troops. 182 women, 173 children and a total of 504 people were killed in the village of My Lai on March 16, 1968.

Fall of Saigon: When the US suffered a humiliating loss in Vietnam, and why Kabul is a reminder

The evacuation of US embassy personnel in Kabul echoes with the withdrawal of the United States from Vietnam's Saigon in 1975

Vietnam to buy 70,000 tonnes of rice from India after decades. Here is why

If such trends continue, countries which traditionally import rice from Thailand and Vietnam might eventually turn towards India.

Vietnam: Facebook bends over backwards to appease communist regime by censoring ‘anti-state’ comments: All you need to know

The Vietnamese government has threatened to close down Facebook if it did not censor anti-state political content on the platform

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