Topic: virtue signalling

Why the argument to build a hospital or school at Ayodhya site is absurd and elitist.
A swarm of virtue signallers took to twitter after Rahul Gandhi's religion controversy
Perhaps these 'student leaders' need a reality check.
Online savvy feminists should stop chasing moronic netas, we have a far bigger problem at hand.
The Home Minister twists anguish of a private citizen, instead of assuaging the anger and grief.
RIP secularism. RIP liberalism. RIP intellectualism.
Liberalism has become the new religion. There are just too many similarities.
It is a random funny TV ad, but it captures the essence of benefits attached to appearing liberal.
How ‘liberals’ miss nuances of a character in a hurry to prove their liberalism.
You are right that some people have reduced ‘nationalism’ to joke, but read on.
The ad around demonetisation exposed the phoney concerns of privileged activist class.

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