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virtue signalling

Son of actor Anil Kapoor turns environmentalist for Diwali: Deletes tweet after ‘befitting replies’ from public

Social media users reminded Kapoor how he flies on private jets, uses firecrackers at family events. At the time of writing the article, Harsh Kapoor had deleted his contentious tweet on Diwali.

Media circus: Times Now wonders if Republic will ‘introspect’ for a story they themselves pursued for weeks

While Times Now itself had claimed that Sushant Sinsh Rajput was murdered, now they want others to introspect for claiming murder

The absurdity of the ‘solution’ to build a Hospital at Ram Janmabhoomi

Why the argument to build a hospital or school at Ayodhya site is absurd and elitist.

Religion, like caste, does matter in politics: Twitter users shut up virtue signallers

A swarm of virtue signallers took to twitter after Rahul Gandhi's religion controversy

Kardarshians of the Indian intellectual scene

Perhaps these 'student leaders' need a reality check.

Hashtag activism – the opium of lazy feminism

Online savvy feminists should stop chasing moronic netas, we have a far bigger problem at hand.

Rajnath Singh distorts tweet of a woman, throws her to online lynch mob

The Home Minister twists anguish of a private citizen, instead of assuaging the anger and grief.

The shaved head of Sonu Nigam mourns the death of ‘secularism’ in India

RIP secularism. RIP liberalism. RIP intellectualism.

How being a liberal has been turned akin to being a religious nut

Liberalism has become the new religion. There are just too many similarities.

This TV ad explains the importance of ‘appearing’ liberal

It is a random funny TV ad, but it captures the essence of benefits attached to appearing liberal.

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