Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Siddhartha Kar

Technologist and Entrepreneur. Keenly interested in India, World History and Current Affairs.

The absurdity of the ‘solution’ to build a Hospital at Ram Janmabhoomi

Why the argument to build a hospital or school at Ayodhya site is absurd and elitist.

Uttar Pradesh Civil Polls – Another vote for civilisational India?

By electing the BJP and PM Modi, India has expressed her pride and respect for her civilisation

Gujarat to Gauri: Mainstream Media and Journalistic Ethics

The pressure that journalism today is feeling, is the resounding ask by a billion people to be responsible and honest.

Bengal: The Crumbling Cradle of Indian Renaissance

The once progressive land of Bengal, now risks losing its cultural heritage

Cases of Shaktiman and ‘Ganga’: Barbarism that masquerades as Secularism

A broken leg of a horse generates more political outrage than a beheaded cow. What does it signify?

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