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Mumps outbreak in Kerala: 10,000 cases in last 70 days, outbreak spreading due to lack of vaccination

Notably, the Indian Academy of Paediatrics stated that one in every 20 children visiting outpatient clinics in Kerala currently has mumps.

Scientist dismissed from top virology lab in Canada worked for China, Trudeau govt accused of covering up after intelligence report surfaces

Health Minister of Canada Mark Holland stated that China's impact on Canada's scientific community "was not known to the extent it is today."

Union Government to encourage human papillomavirus vaccination to prevent cervical cancer through price capping and other initiatives

The central government, which announced plans to encourage vaccinations against the human papilloma virus (HPV) to prevent cervical cancer, is exploring options to cap prices

Union Health Ministry closely monitoring outbreak of avian influenza and respiratory illness in China, says low risk to India

According to WHO, Chinese authorities attributed the increase in respiratory diseases to the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions and the circulation of known pathogens.

What is Disease X that experts claim is 20 times deadlier than COVID-19: Details

Disease X has the potential to cause 20 times more fatalities than the coronavirus, which had led to the loss of over 2.5 million lives globally.

Ghaziabad: 14-year-old boy dies of rabies 1.5 months after dog bite, India accounts for 36% of global rabies deaths

The father of the boy, Yakub is said to have consulted 4-5 doctors while struggling to save his son's life. He also took his son to several hospitals in Delhi and Bulandshahr but to no avail.

Europe, US on alert over detection of Monkeypox cases: What is the virus, symptoms and its transmission across the globe

Several cases of Monkeypox infection have been reported from various countries in Europe, raising concerns

Wuhan scientists warn of a new coronavirus strain NeoCov with high infectivity and death rate, 1 in 3 patients can die: Report

The scientists have claimed that highly infectious NeoCov strain needs just one mutation to turn itself into a zoonotic pathogen, capable of infiltrating human cells. 

Nipah threat: Karnataka heightens vigilance on arrivals from Kerala, issues guidelines for monitoring

The case fatality rate of Nipah is estimated at 40-75 per cent making it imperative for the affected states to enhance vigilance to contain the spread of the virus.

China: More than 30 viruses discovered frozen in over 14,000-year-old ice, most never seen before

Over 14,000 years old viruses discovered by scientists working in China. Majority were never seen before.

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