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The COVID-19 crisis in the USA: How the Western Media and the likes of Barkha Dutt brushed it under the rug while maligning India

While the US sees a fresh spike in Covid-19 cases mostly due to the delta variant, the liberal media both in US and India remain silent on it

Fake fundraisers & funeral pyres : How do India’s Covid vultures sleep at night?

During the second wave, did these columnists charge a “surge fee” to foreign newspapers? Or was it that so many people offered to write columns that their wages got depressed?

Dead bodies at river banks, the seemingly ghoulish practice goes much beyond Covid-19. This is why Hindus ‘bury’ too

Several Hindu communities in UP bury dead bodies at riverbanks, and its not a recent phenomenon as claimed by media

Top sellers of India’s misery: Hindustan Times, AFP, Bloomberg and Nur Photo emerge biggest contributors of crematorium photos on Getty Images

Several media houses, agencies and photographers selling photos of funeral pyres from India at Rs 23,000 per photo on Getty Images

TV actor Sushant Singh abuses mental health experts who wanted Covid patients not to be exposed to negative news

Television actor Sushant Singh on Wednesday abused the mental health experts who suggested that the media should have some restrain and focus on reporting facts instead of sensational and hysterical reportage.

Alwar lynching: MHA seeks report from Rajasthan govt even as Congress continues vulture politics

With 2019 getting closer, politicians stooping to new lows for few votes

Journalists slammed for their distasteful tweets about children’s deaths in Gorakhpur

They tried to exploit the tragedy to peddle their agenda

Dalit Politics in light of Rohith Vemula’s suicide

Why the oppressed narrative is here to stay

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