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Gujarat High Court sets aside the order of state Waqf Board halting railway line construction near dargah. Read details

The Court held that the proximity of a dargah to a railway land did not automatically imply that the surrounding land belonged to the dargah authorities.

Jammu & Kashmir Waqf board chairperson warns of ‘bulldozer action’ on ‘encroachers’

After the Indian Armed Forces and Indian Railways, the Waqf is third largest owner of properties in India.

‘A dilapidated wall or a platform cannot be considered a mosque,’ Supreme Court rejects Rajasthan Waqf Board’s appeal against a mining contract

The Waqf board of Rajasthan, undertook a survey in 1963 and declared the dilapidated structure as 'Qalandari Masjid of Tiranga'

Land belongs to ‘self-manifested’ God: Kashi Vishwanath Mandir challenges UP Sunni Waqf Board’s claim that the temple is Waqf property

Advocate of Kashi Vishwanath Mandir said in court that there is no record of the temple being registered as Waqf prooerty

Delhi High Court issues notice to Central govt on plea challenging the constitutional validity of Waqf Act 1995

Additional Solicitor General representing the govt said said that the plea about Waqf Act 1995 raises substantial questions.

PIL filed in Delhi High Court challenging provisions of Waqf Act; says ‘there is no such law for other minorities’

The PIL against the Waqf Act said, "If the impugned Act has been made to protect the rights guaranteed under Articles 29-30 then it has to cover all the minorities."

UP resident Ehsan Mian requests Yogi Adityanath govt to raze his illegal residence built on pond and graveyard

Yogi Adityanath is known for his strict action against illegal properties and constructions. Now a man has approached government requesting to raze off his illegal house.

UP Shia Waqf Board returns waqf properties ‘encroached’ by Azam Khan to Rampur’s royal family

The Board has seized several waqf properties from Azam Khan and handed them over to Rampur's royal family

Mysterious Mazar inside 10 Janpath, can the Waqf Board stake claim to Sonia Gandhi’s official residence? Here is what we know

Does Sonia Gandhi live in a house that is a Waqf property? Whose mazar is inside the enormous compound at 10, Janpath? How real are the superstitions?

Delhi High Court refuses to stay order on delisting of properties by Centre, here is how Delhi Waqf Board wants back the Kabristan: Details

The Delhi Waqf Board claimed that disputes pertaining to Waqf properties can only be adjudicated by the Waqf Tribunal under the Waqf Act of 1995.

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