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Gujarat Congress in their official website, in their 'Join Us' section have mentioned that Congress 'looted India for 70 years' and called the party a 'party of thugs'
The ministry of Electronics and Information Technology had approached the Delhi Police and lodged formal FIRs against these websites.
No one has taken responsibility for this 'expression of love' and the website is now restored.
Feel Arvind Kejriwal has offended you? Now you can get an apology
This news was shared by prominent members of the Congress party
Chief Technology Officer of the NDTV admitted that pages shouldn’t have been indexed
Taking lessons from its bitter 2014 defeat, the Left has invested lots of resources into building an online fortresses.
The website has been instrumentalist in exposing the sins of NDTV
Another 'hacking' on yet another digital asset of the Congress party

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