Monday, August 2, 2021



Tamil Nadu: NIA conducts 22 searches related to spreading unrest, convert Aslam questioned

A 31 year old man was questioned by the NIA on Saturday regarding objectionable material allegedly posted on his Facebook account.

Uttar Pradesh: Zulfikar circulates porn video on WhatsApp with ‘Jai Bolenath’ text and audio, FIR registered

A porn video was circulated on WhatsApp with voiceover and text saying 'Jai Bholenath', it reached Hindu outfits who filed a case

2 million Indian users banned, 25% total accounts banned from India: Details of disclosures by Whatsapp in first compliance report under new IT rules

Whatsapp said more than 95 per cent of the 2 million suspended accounts were banned because of unauthorised use of automated or bulk messaging

Will ‘negative post’ on PM and ‘religion’ on WhatsApp invite prosecution by cybercrime dept? Viral message is hilariously fake

Viral message claims that government will now monitor social media and phone calls under the 'new communication rules'

While WhatsApp alleges ‘privacy violation’ against new IT rules, here is why they are important to catch criminals behind serious crimes

Messaging apps like WhatsApp needed to reveal origin of only those messages related to serious crimes with 5 years of jail term

Right to privacy is a fundamental right, the new policy will not affect it or individuals: Govt reassures after WhatsApp moves court against new...

Govt said that social media intermediaries like WhatsApp need to reveal source of messages only in case of serious crimes

WhatsApp moves to Delhi HC against Indian govt’s new IT rules, claims it will harm privacy protection policies

WhatsApp has filed a petition against the Government of India on May 25 in the Delhi High Court protesting against the new IT rules that require "significant social media intermediaries" like WhatsApp to trace the original senders of particular messages.

Here is how you can find empty slots near you for Covid-19 vaccine by sending just a WhatsApp message

The WhatsApp chatbot 'MyGov Corona Helpdesk' helps people to find Covid-19 vaccination centres nearer to them

‘Deferring deadline does not absolve WhatsApp’: Modi govt again gives stern warning over privacy policy

Earlier, WhatsApp had announced that its new controversial privacy policy has been deferred and it wont come into effect on May 15th.

Arvind Kejriwal govt expels 7 journalists from Whatsapp group after report critical of govt handling of oxygen crisis, senior journalists keep mum

The Arvind Kejriwal government has been the darling of the media for a long time but it seems to want absolute devotion

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