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Israel asks India for 100,000 workers to replace Palestinian workers after October 7 attacks: Reports

Israel has reportedly asked India for 100,000 workers to replace Palestinian following the October 7 attacks.

New Parliament building: Prime Minister Narendra Modi honours workers who built the structure in a record two years

PM Narendra Modi felicitated the workers who contributed to the construction of the new Parliament building.

Brutal working hours fuels anger among Chinese workers: Report

Though China has clear regulations on overtime work, rest and vacation, they are hardly implemented in letter and spirit on the ground. 

Kerala govt increases duty hours of transport workers from 8 hours to 12 hours as a condition of paying unpaid salaries

The Kerala government lacks funds to pay the wages of the state transport workers but has extended the duty shift from 8 hours to 12 hours.

A year on, 303 BJP workers who fled during post-poll violence in Bengal still fear returning home: Report

Bengal was in the throes of horrifying violence as TMC goons ran riot following the declaration of the 2021 assembly poll results.

Maharashtra: 109 transport corporation workers arrested, sent to judicial custody for protesting at Sharad Pawar’s residence

109 transport corporation workers and their lawyer Gunaratna Sadavarte arrested after protest at Sharad Pawar's house

Malaysia will become a ‘dumping ground’ for Bangladeshis if the number of recruitment agencies increased, says Malaysian HR minister

The Bangladeshi government had requested to increase the number of permitted labour recruitment agencies in Malaysia to 2000 from 10.

Amazon denies accusations of forcing workers to urinate in bottles to save time, netizens reply with proofs that the company is lying

Several social media users posted proofs that Amazon delivery drivers are often forced to urinate in bottles due to lack of time

USA: Amazon and its workers headed for showdown as unionization vote deadline looms large

The pro-left company Amazon has tried its best to stop its workers at Bessemer in Alabama in the USA from forming a union

Workers at Google unionize, form ‘Alphabet Workers’, support pours in from Democratic Socialists: All you need to know

Google workers for Alphabet Workers, a union comprising over 230 workers, was formed by the tech giant employees.

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