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Repeated rape, hand burnt with hot water, forcible conversion to Islam: 2 ISIS terrorists arrested in Germany for sexual abuse of minor Yazidi children

The terrorists, identified as Asia R.A. and Twana H.S., are accused of crimes against humanity, genocide, war crimes and holding the membership of a foreign terror outfit.

German ISIS bride sentenced to over 9 years in jail for enslaving and abusing Yazidi woman, aiding her rape by husband

German woman Nadine K sentenced to jail for participating in enslaving and abusing a Yazidi woman, rape by her husband

Shamima Begum learned how to use suicide belts and guns, she will never change: Former Yazidi sex slave exposes the ISIS bride

Shamima Begum reportedly carried a Kalashnikov assault rifle and helped in stitching suicide bombing vests.

Eighth anniversary of Yazidi genocide: A grim list of some of the most brutal atrocities ISIS committed against Yazidi women

August 3, 2014, is etched in the memory of Yazidis as a grim reminder of the day ISIS carried out its most brutal genocide in modern history.

Canadian school cancels book event with ISIS survivor Nadia Murad, says would foster ‘Islamophobia’ and ‘offend’ Muslim students

Toronto District School Board in Canada has disallowed students from participating in the book reading event with Nadia Murad saying that the event would foster Islamophobia

Turkey: Govt backed Islamic institutions imposing radical Islamism on Yazidi people, building mosques in the Kurdish regions

Turkey govt persecuting Yazidis living along the borders of Turkey and Syria by imposing radical Islam on the minority population

Yazidis had to pay the price for not converting to Islam, here are 10 videos which narrate their persecution by ISIS

In 2014, the United Nations reported that about 5000 Yazidis were murdered while 5000-7000 women and children were captured by ISIS

ISIS bride reveals murder of a 5-year old Yazidi girl to a German undercover cop

Jennifer and her husband had chained-up a 5-year-old Yazidi girl and left her to die of thirst in the scorching heat.

Nadia Murad: From ISIS sex slave to Nobel Laureate

The Yazidi woman, who is a survivor of ISIS brutalities, became the second youngest woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize

Dear pseudo-feminists, wake up from the narcotic of hypocrisy : For you to be women, you need to be human first

Millions of women are suffering worldwide while pseudo-feminists are busy virtue signalling

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