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As Zomato launches pure veg service, Wokes and Liberals resort to vilifying Brahmins over their food choices, again

Zomato had introduced the pure veg service to tackle this problem, however, the ever-metastasising “Wokeism” soon found another stick to beat their favourite targets, Brahmins

‘Swiggy ad’ mocking Zomato shared by online trolls, Swiggy issues clarification: Here’s what happened

As this advertisement attributed to Swiggy went viral online, the food aggregator issued a statement denying their involvement.

Zomato says that its newly launched ‘Pure Vegetarian’ fleet will continue to wear red instead of green, as previously announced: Here is their statement

Popular food delivery and restaurant aggregator company Zomato has decided that its newly introduced 'Pure Vegetarian' delivery fleet will continue to wear Zomato's trademark red instead of green as originally conceived by the delivery start-up. 

‘Promoting Brahminism and casteism’: Zomato faces attack from ‘wokes’ after it announces ‘Pure Veg’ fleet for vegetarians

Zomato was at the receiving end of online attack after it announced a new service to serve its pure veg customers.

Zomato brings ‘Pure Veg Mode’, and ‘Pure Veg Fleet’ for vegetarians who do not like mix-ups: CEO Deepinder Goyal announces

"Our dedicated Pure Veg Fleet will only serve orders from these pure veg restaurants. This means that a non-veg meal, or even a veg meal served by a non-veg restaurant will never go inside the green delivery box meant for our Pure Veg Fleet", Goyal added.

Uttar Pradesh: Two Hindu boys thrashed by Muslim mob in Meerut, rudraksha beads broken; one arrested

A video of a Muslim crowd attacking a Hindu delivery boy and his friend in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, has gone viral on the internet.

Zomato co-founder and CTO Gunjan Patidar resigns in the latest round of top-level exits

Gunjan Patidar was among the earliest employees of the food delivery app Zomato.

Zomato fires three per cent of its workforce across departments, earlier co-founder Mohit Gupta quit among three high-level exits

Food delivery aggregator Zomato has reportedly fired 3 per cent of its workforce after three high-level exits

Jhatka meat based ‘Kulhad Biryani’ debuts on Zomato, Tajinder Bagga says AAP supporters giving fake reviews

The launch of India's first jhatka biriyani brand drew the ire of the usual suspects, who systematically posted negative reviews to tarnish the image of Kulhad Biriyani.

Zomato issues clarification and apologises for the ‘Mahakal Thali’ advertisement featuring Hrithik Roshan

A statement by Zomato said, "We deeply respect the sentiments of the people of Ujjain, and the ad in question is no longer running."

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