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ANI-PTI row: Mohammed Zubair lies about ANI sharing a video without crediting PTI; Army clarifies it shared the video with ANI and other media...

The Indian Army issued a clarification stating that it shared the video and the photos of the awards ceremony with ANI and other media outlets.

ECI tags fake news peddler and hate monger Mohammed Zubair informing him about action taken against Latha: Questions that emerge and the problems with...

The District Election Officer of Hyderabad tagged Mohammed Zubair in its tweet informing him about action taken against Madhavi Latha.

‘Does not cause fear or alarm to public’: Delhi Police gives clean chit to X user who called Alt News co-founder Md Zubair a...

The Police said: "Thus, the captioned tweet by the complainant Mr. Jagdish Singh made on 18.04.2020 does not cause fear or alarm to the public or any section of the public whereby any person may be induced to commit an offence against any state or against public tranquillity."

‘Fact-checker’ Md Zubair spreads fake news, falsely claims that BJP received donations from ‘beef exporting company’

‘Fact-checker’ Md Zubair spreads fake news that BJP received donations from ‘beef exporting company’ Allanasons, which actually exports boneless buffalo meat

As Qatar releases 8 Navy veterans they had handed the death penalty to, read how Congress and their lackeys had tried to use it...

Congress and their lackeys had tried to use death sentence of Indian Navy veterans in Qatar to target PM Modi but failed to acknowledge when they were released

“Consider Mohammad Zubair involved should there be an attack against me or my family”: Bittu Bajrangi files plaint against fake news peddler who dismissed...

Bittu has said in the complaint that he will file a complaint against Hindustan Times with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

Media manager of Venkatesh Prasad says he is getting threats from Islamists after Zubair doxxed him, twisted his tweets

Venkatesh Prasad's media manager Amritanshu Gupta gets threats after Md Zubair wrongly interpreted his tweets as anti-Muslim

‘You disguising as fact-checker is like a terrorist talking about peace’: Venkatesh Prasad clean bowls Alt News cofounder Mohammed Zubair

Venkatesh Prasad on Saturday night took Alt News cofounder Mohammed Zubair to the cleaners, calling him a serial hate-monger masquerading as a fact-checker.

Alt News cofounder Mohammed Zubair toes Chinese propaganda line, raises aspersions on Indian govt’s dismissal of Beijing’s claim on Xi-Modi meet

Mohammed Zubair posted a tweet raising aspersions on the Indian government's dismissal of Chinese claims on Xi-Modi meet.

Claims of women raped at Nuh: What police say, what organisers and temple mahant say, and what toilet cleaners of ISIS are aiming at

On the 31st of July 2023, Islamists unleashed unbridled violence against Hindu devotees carrying out a Jalabhishek yatra organised by the VHP.

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